Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator

Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator is a free to play mobile game that was released by Outerminds inc for iOS and Android devices in 2016 September. The game has been very popular so it’s not exactly news anymore, but I have noticed that there are still many people out of the loop and I’ve been asked about the game a few times, so here goes!

First of all,you will be guided to this game’s secrets by Pewdiepie himself so don’t worry about learning the system! The basic idea of this game is to create a YouTube channel, and making videos and buying all sorts of different items for your tuber’s room is how you go about and advance in the game . Doing so will help you level up your Tuber, and thus you’ll get access to more and more items and customization options for your room. Completing daily tasks and buying items will grant you skill points which can be used on the skill tree where useful abilities can be unlocked. There are a couple different categories(music, games, animals,beauty etc.) from which to choose when it comes to buying items and making videos. The items are bought with views, so you’ll get access to cooler objects as you gain subscribers and views and get more popular. There are some items(mostly to customize the character and making the room bigger) that are bought with “bux” that you can buy with real money, but you will eventually get bux by playing the game, it’s just slower. The bux can be used to make the items you buy arrive sooner. Normally each item has a delivery time that can be shortened by playing a fun mini game, Puggle! In the mini game you pay a few views to throw one of pewdiepie’s pugs around to gather points(=cut away time from the delivery time) and sometimes bux. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

The most fun thing about the game for me is the large variety of items with which the players can create amazing, cool and funny rooms for their tuber.At this point I must tell you that you will get two extra rooms in which to experiment ideas, I’ve used that quite a lot!  And it doesn’t end there, in the “social” section, the game always has a theme in which players are encouraged to participate and vote for other player’s contributions, the winners are then showed in the leaderboards. You can also add friends and go check out their room just for kicks, or to get inspiration for your own room. And of course friends can send each other gifts. One more detail I like in this game is the Sponsor Eagle that flies by the screen every minute or so, and tapping it will get you a present which can be views,subscribers or bux.

The only negative thing that pops into my head is that the game gets a bit too slow once you hit a bigger level. I myself am at level 30 when I’m writing this piece, and I have noticed a big difference in the speed of the game. Of course it’s updated all the time so I’m sure this issue will be fixed if people report it as bothering them. Otherwise the game is absolutely amazing for passing time, and Pewdiepie’s tutorials and comments that are recorded with his own voice are funny.

Play with passion!



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