Supernatural SN12 E6 – Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox


I don’t believe I have held my breath as much during any other episode of The Show!

Let me start at the beginning… so, it all started with a series of texts from DJ.  If you’ve been reading my reviews then you know who he is and also that he’s always a few minutes ahead of me when we’re watching.  If you’re asking why, then go back and read last week’s review.  But, being the awesome friend that he is (did I mention he’s incredibly hot too?) he never texts spoilers.  However, they are sometimes cryptic, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This episode begins in 1980 with Mary saving a young boy from a werewolf (DJ’s text here was “Werewolf?  There wolf!!!” with a laughing emoji).  This boy grows up to be a hunter because he was fascinated by Mama Winchester.  BT dubbs, DJ and I agree that Mama Winchester has great taste in cars.  Anyway, so Asa grows up to be a hunter, but is a casualty of the First 5 minutes of Supernatural Curse.

Then we get to see Jody in her PJ’s day drinking and about to do a Netflix binge when there’s a knock at the door… two good looking Winchesters are waiting on the other side.  After a funny discussion about Jody being a rom-com girl and Dean being more of a Asian animated erotic porn girl… the phone rings with distressing news.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Dean got to tell Jody, “I killed Hitler.”  I loved Jody’s response… “Thank you?”.  I’m totally going to cosplay Sheriff Jody, day drinking in her pajamas … and I too, shall have no shame!  (I won’t be the only one, even Superwiki says they’re gonna do it!)

OK, back to the phone call, a friend of Jody’s has died, and she’s going to the wake.  The Boys decide to go with her.  Now, I admit at this point I was a little worried.  I mean, so far The Show has led us to believe that The Hunter Club doesn’t think too highly of our Boys.  I mean, there’s been Roy and Walt that shot them in Dark Side of the Moon (SN5 E16) and Gordon who tried to kill Sammy more than once… and the list goes on.  So, I was really surprised that they were like beloved celebrities.  Elvis fanboying over Sam was so cute.

While everyone is sharing great stories about Asa, and Sam and Dean are enjoying the company of other hunters (even though their dad told them other hunters were trouble) in walks Mama Mary!  I got a text from DJ a few minutes before I saw it happen… “That awkward moment when you’re in the middle of a party and your mom walks in…” Yeah, that was a little awwwwkward.  The scene where The Boys introduce their surrogate mom to their real mom was so very cute!  It made my feels all warm and fuzzy…. I should’ve been a little apprehensive… I mean, you should never feel warm and fuzzy while watching The Show.

The next text from DJ was a little cryptic … “Ooh! Whack a Mole!”  I admit, that was definitely a whiskey tango foxtrot moment.  But, once I caught up to live television, I got the joke.  And, yeah, that’s exactly what it was like… an extreme game of whack a mole…. or maybe Demon Demon, who’s got the demon.  See, this demon called JL was trying on all the hunter meat suits at the party… kind of like Goldilocks… “this meat suit is too small” .. and “this meat suit is too big” …. until … “This meat suit is juuuust right!”  That’s when he decided on Jody.  While all the hunters inside the house are participating in this rousing game, Dean has been locked outside.  The demon, JL warded the house so no one could get out or in.  Dean gets a visit from Billie the Reaper who was there to reap one of the hunters that JL had already killed.  While they’re chatting, and by chatting I mean arguing while Dean beats on the door with anything he can find, it occurs to the elder Winchester that Billie was in the house to reap that soul.  He asks for her help to get in; she reluctantly agrees but demands a favor in return.

Now, I’m just wondering why when everyone was wondering who the demon was in and all worried about Sam and Dean, why didn’t they flash their anti possession tats?  That was the perfect opportunity to share a little hunter wisdom…. to be Yoda for the young padawans, but they just let it go by.

Sorry, got sidetracked again… we were discussing once JL decided on Jody for a meat suit.  That’s when it got a little funny on my couch.  See, I was watching with Lucy again as always, and while Jody/JL was trying to convince Sam that the demon was in Mary, I was saying “Nuh uh!  It’s in Jody!”  and throwing out all these reasons why I thought so.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I paused The Show for this debate.  So, while I’m throwing out phrases like “Jody doesn’t talk like that” … and “Jody’s more of a badass than that”… Lucy isn’t saying much of anything, and I reminded her that this is an audience participation kind of thing (I need her to comment and laugh at my comments so I know what to use in the reviews…..duh!)  And, she said something while I was pointing that out to her that I didn’t hear.  So, I asked her to repeat it… she’s laughing and says “I said, you’re right.”  I laughed too, and answered “I was totally not ‘I killed Hitler’ing you’, I just didn’t hear you.”  Yep, that’s a thing now.  You can use that phrase as a verb… thanks, Dean Winchester.

However, once I hit play again, there’s wasn’t any more laughing.  Because, I remembered what happened to Elvis once Dean started in with the Latin…and I also remembered Kim Rhodes’ tweets after filming this episode.  I was suddenly very afraid for one of our favorite sheriffs.  Mary even tries to use the angel blade on JL, but Sam stops her, telling her that it’s Jody.  There were some tense moments with a Latin round robin, but eventually JL was sent back to Hell and Jody was safe.

It was after everyone appeared safe, that Billie decides to call in the favor.  She wants Mary.  That’s right, she wants to take Mary back to Heaven.  When Billie started her speech, DJ said “Ah Hell, NAW!!”  My response was … I know right?!  I’m sure I had the same look on my face that Dean did.  DJ and I were in total agreement, in fact we said almost the exact same thing… but DJ put it best… “You’d better shut up or Dean’s gonna shank a b!tch!”  For a second, it appeared that Mary was considering Billie’s offer of “mercy”.  I’m so glad she said no to the reaper.

Oh.. and bt-dubbs … Dean killed Hitler.  =)

The Show will return on December 1 (they’re taking Thanksgiving off)… but here’s a peek at it….


Terri is Skatronixxx’s staff reviewer for Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, MacGyver, and The Originals. She loves to geek but hates to adult. T speaks her mind and has no filter, except the one her boss enforces.  For filter free T follow her at @B2daItch on twitter.


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