The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “Still Throwin’ Punches”

When Survivor was last in Fiji, perennial Fan Favourite Yau-Man admitted that he “got a little nasty“, a claim that Taylor could also fess up too tonight.

Let’s be fair, you could call it a strategic move – for Tails in any case – to blackmail Adam into keeping Schtum about his stash of food, via using his (stupid) revelation about his Reward Stealing (Dis) Advantage. But considering stealing food in the first place is an all-time-dumb thing to do, you are bound to have another Trail-Mix Scandal on yours hands.

With all that in mind, Tails played a blinder at Tribal Council. Using Adams Advantage to put in the minds of the others that he could steal their Loved Ones Visit was genius, even if Adam put the idea in his head last week. And it clearly had an effect on Adam too, who is being painted as the Villain of this season.

The slow descent of my Favourite Adam started last week and seemingly snowballed tonight. From Zeke admitting to Will and Jay that he would happily cut his alliance-chums throat to Adam-himself calling out his own jerky actions of gloating about being in the majority alliance. I can’t help but feel that Adam is one step away from burning the camp to the ground Brandon Hantz style. Not that I’m calling his sanity into question but with Adam’s emotions bubbling on the surface already, Tails and Jay piling on him at Tribal Council was rough to watch. So you’ve gotten wonder what state of mind Adam is in going into next week.

But just don’t pee in the rice and beans bro, not cool.

From someone who seems over-the-top-negative to Hannah, who keeps impressing me. Considering her early status in the games was that of comedic relief coupled with damming statements and moves that didn’t seem all that logical. She may have an Aubrey finish in her yet.

For sure she is finding her footing – in her confessional she admits as much – I’m just worried she is coming out of the gates too hot right now. As one of three females still left in the game, you’ve got to think that the men are on the docket to start getting picked off now that Taylor has broken the seal? If that’s the case, all Hannah has to do is position herself behind the next Meat Shield whilst playing ‘Mastermind‘ behind the scenes. Worked for Aubrey last season, right?

While Taylor got the boot, Jay roared into prominence showing that A* Confessionals isn’t the only thing in his back pocket.

I was certain he was going to use Idol, so much so that when he didn’t and those name started racking up, I was positive he was a goner. But lo and behold I shouldn’t have doubted my man because like Alex in Survivor Fiji, he voted for his drinking buddy Taylor to ensure that the Vote Split went in his favour. Oh Man, Earl must be so pissed right now.

Not only that but he threw some shade in Tails direction with a truth bomb so glorious as to refer to his pal as a “dumb Surfer“. What was that again Tasha? “Shots fired!

We’ll forget that its probably not the best course of action to insult Jury Members on their way out but I’ll excuse it because I’m still laughing.


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