What to Expect In S2 of The Expanse

Hey, all! Season 2 of our favorite TV series is still a few months away, but I thought I’d share some quick news on a few things you can expect from it.

More action.

Season 1 started out slow and suspenseful to build the plot and storyline. It gave you a chance to get inside each of the main character’s heads; to find out their backgrounds and motivations. It was also unique in that it gave the viewer the feel of piecing together the mystery alongside Miller, Holden, and Avarasala.

Our protagonists are more in control of things in Season 2 with Miller and Holden making decisions that drive the plot forward. But Mark Fergus (Exec. Producer) insists the focus on the characters will still be there.

Miller and Holden will go through intense change.

Events led Miller to start doubting his faith in humanity as he tried to unravel the Julie Mao mystery. He seemed to get more depressed as things developed. And Holden seemed to mature into a strong and idealistic leader.

In season 2, Miller gets to know Holden and the crew and he begins to realize there are still some good people in the universe. But Holden’s tarnish begins to blur as he learns to look at people and the universe from Miller’s point of view.

It seems the events and the end of season 1 will greatly affect their behavior in the upcoming season.

The tension between Earth, Mars, and the Belt rises.

Season 1 exposed us to the growing hostility between the Earthers (who think they are the superior planet), Mars (the military power), and the Belters (the oppressed race).

Expect the political intrigue to rise and to tangle even further the three.

A new threat will rise.

The protomolecule mystery became a big plot point at the end of season 1 with Julie Mao’s father, the CPM, and Undersecretary Errinwright seeming to all somehow be involved in or at least know about the Eros Station genocide.

We also saw it’s a sentient life form with an agenda of its own. Slowly, the Earthers, Martians, and Belters will come to realize their only chance of survival may be to put away their differences and unite to fight this new threat.

Spectacular special effects and sets.

The showrunners want the show to focus on the characters, but they’re also well aware that this is a show set in space.

Expect epic ships, exciting space battles, and bigger sets showing exotic locations.


Don’t forget SyFy has set the Season 2 double episode premiere for Wednesday, February 8 at 10/9c. Tell your friends and follow us at skatronixxx.com.



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