American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 8’


After a few weeks of being without my computer and no access to AHS, I am finally back on deck. So let’s get down to business and recap American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 8’ but before we do here is a quick recap of Chapter 7

Roanoke ‘Chapter 7’ Quick Recap

Following Rory’s murder, Agnes, who is consumed by her role as Thomasin, murders the entire production team including Sidney. The tensions in the house are continuing to rise as Matt, Shelby and Dominic argue about Shelby’s infidelity, while Lee and Monet go back and forth about her alcoholism, the arguing is interrupted when Agnes appears and attacks Shelby, forcing Lee, Monet and Audrey in the dark and creepy ass woods to find help, but are kidnapped by the Polk family, and taken back to their farm.

The Polks proceed to cut pieces of Lee’s leg off and force feed it to both Audrey and Monte, back at the house, Dominic and Shelby come across Matt having sex with Scathach, Matt tells Shelby that he came back to the house for Scathach, sending Shelby into a violent rage in which ends with Shelby murdering him. Agnes lights a fire outside the house, demanding satisfaction from the occupants of it when the real Thomasin and her mob surround Agnes and Thomasin kills Agnes by thrusting her cleaver into Agnes‘ face.


Roanoke ‘Chapter 8’

Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr) plot their escape from The Butcher and her mob outside, They try to exit the house through the tunnels but are chased back inside by the previous residents of the house. The pair is forced to retreat into the upstairs bathroom where Shelby consumed by grief, and guilt for killing the only man she ever loved, Shelby takes her own life by slitting her throat, while Dominic looks on in despair


Lee (Adina Porter), Monet (Angela Bassett) and Audrey (Sarah Paulson) are still being held at the Polk farm. More flesh has been taking from Lee by Jether (Finn Wittrock) the youngest of the Polk family, who wants to live up to his ancestor who turns out to be Piggy Man. The youngest of the Polk kin is incredibly attracted to Lee and she keeps that in mind as it may be the only way to her freedom. Monet and Audrey are still being held captive, as one of the Polk’s try to pull one of Monte’s teeth out she fights him off and escapes into the woods, leaving Audrey with Mama Polk (Robin Weigert) who rips one of her teeth out.


Eventually, Lee takes advantage of Jether and strangles him before shooting him in the stomach, then she beats Mama Polk to death before freeing Audrey and running back to the house. Lee and Audrey make it back to the house and find Matt (André Holland) and Shelby’s bodies along with a very much alive Dominic. The pair blame Dominic for Matt and Shelby’s deaths, they take refuge in the master room, before pushing Dominic into the hall, where he gets slaughtered by Piggy Man.

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American Horror Story airing Wednesday’s on FX

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