Doctor Who: The Ambush; William Hartnell years


Welcome Back

We last left our friends escaping from the Dalek prison cell. Ian was in the metal suit, while the other pushed him from behind.




The heroes are wondering around the hall. Ian stops them, he has figured out how to operate the machine. He then instructs the Doctor and others to get in front so it looks like they are prisoners. Susan recognizes a room; she informs them that there is a guard Dalek at the iron door inside. They then continue on to the door. The Dalek haults them, but Ian, in his Dalek impersonating voice, inform the other Dalek that the council wishes to see them. The other Dalek does not move, but Susan hatches up an idea. She screeches out, acting like she is going to run, but the Ian Dalek catches her. The other Dalek pushes his plunger into her back while Ian has her in the front. The two Daleks then heard the heroes into the room that was guarded before. The one Dalek offers assistance to the upper floor with the prisoners, but Ian Dalek declines. Once the door closes and the other Dalek is out, they lock the door. Then try to help Ian out of the Dalek metal suit.


Outside the door, the Dalek is calling through an intercom that he just helped the prisoners to the vault room and lift. The Dalek from the other side of the intercom notifies the one that there are no orders to move the prisoners. The first Dalek tries to open the door, but realizes that the door is locked, he then sounds an alarm.


In the lift, the heroes hear the alarm. They try harder to remove the tin head from Ian, but are unsuccessful. Susan runs to the door to listen, but realizes that the door is red hot. They also notice that they can’t move Ian, the floor has been magnetized. Ian insists that they leave without him. Barbara does not like this plan and neither does Susan. They try harder to get him out. But the Doctor and Ian insist that they leave quickly, and Ian stay behind. The door is being melted by the Daleks on the other side. The Doctor and ladies rush to the lift. Ian is still inside the Dalek suit, struggling with the helmet. He pushes and pushes. The Daleks on the other side of the door are almost through


The Doctor, Susan and Barbara are going up the lift. Barbara asks how long till the Daleks reach Ian. The Doctor is unsure. Susan becomes hysterical about the idea of leaving Ian.


The door the Daleks are burning through is just about open,


The lift reaches to top, the Doctor and the ladies exit.


The door is melted though. It crashes down and the Daleks enter. They then shoot a lazar at the imposter Dalek, the machine crumbles apart. They realize that the tin can is empty. “Lock the lift the emergency switch, bring it down.’ But the lift continues rising.


“Hurry Ian, come on!” Calls Barbara down the shaft. “Alright I’m coming.” Calls back Ian. The heroes anxiously wait. Suddenly the lift starts to head back down, Ian scurries out the doors just before it’s to late. “They had the door just about cut through when I got out,” he says with a smile, knowing he beat the clock. “We must try to find a way out of this room.” The Doctor says, they look to a window and see daylight. They are surprised. “Yes, but where exactly are we?” Asks Ian. “We are right on top of the buildings.” The Doctor notices. He points out where the jungle is. Barbara notices there is someone out at the gates of the city. Susan panics “The Sows, they have come for the supplies.” “Walking in to an ambush!” The Doctor announces.


There are three Daleks waiting at the lift, one Dalek instructs the others, “Make no attempt to capture them, they are to be exterminated, understand? Exterminate”’ the other respond their understanding. The one Dalek goes up a lift


The heroes are yelling and banging on the window, trying to get the Sows attention. It’s no use though, they cannot be heard. They figure there has to be another way out. There is another door on the wall, but they are unable to wave it open. They then try to use force. Barbara notices that the lift is coming back up. The others go and see while the Doctor continues to try and open the door. Ian walks over to a large stone looking object; he has an idea to place this in front of the lift opening. He calls for the girls to give him help. They begin to move the big rock, grunting at its weight. “It’s open, I’ve done it!” The Doctor calls to the others, having opened the door just enough for an escape. Ian tells the Doctor they will be there in a minute, they are trying to stop the Dalek from entering. They get the bolder to the opening, and then push it down the shaft. It falls down onto the lift with a big crash, causing the building to shake. The heroes squeeze through the small opening in the door.


Mean while back at the gate, the Sows are walking through cautiously. They are suspicious of the Daleks. Genisis still has high hopes that the Daleks are friendly. He tries to console his friend, but Aladon is not on the same wavelength as his leader. Genisis then continues on that the Daleks have food and they need it, which are the facts. Aladon insists that he be the one to talk with the Daleks, but Genisis declines this. He informs his friend that they need to remove the fear, for this brings on hatred and war. Genisis feels that he will speak to the Daleks peacefully, and will show that he is unarmed. Aladon is still not convinced the Daleks want peace.


The Daleks are at the gates, waiting for the Sows, they hide back in wholes


The heroes are running through the corridors, trying to find a way out. They realize they have found the gate about 50 ft away. They check to make sure that there are no Daleks in site. Ian insists that they go to the TARDIS but Susan declines. Demanding that they have to help the Sows. “We can’t let them walk into a trap!” She exclaims. “The Sows are no concern of ours,” states the Doctor, (wow he is a brat) “We cannot jeopardize our lives and get in to the affairs that is not our business.” “Of course its our business,” Barbara explains “the Sows gave us the anti radiation drugs, and without that we would be dead.” Ian agrees with Barbara but also sees the Doctor’s point. He tells the others to get back to the ship and he will stay behind to warn the Sows. Susan declines this, insisting that they are all in this together, but Ian wont have it. Barbara also sides with Ian’s plan, trying to explain to Susan that he will be better off on his own than with the others slowing him down. The heroes then run off, again leaving Ian behind.


The Daleks wait for the Sows, an alarm sounds and they hide back. The Sows approach slowly


Ian is searching for a way to the gates, careful so not to be noticed


The Sows move slowly closer to the supplies in view, and watch for the Daleks. Genisis is not so sure of the conditions anymore. He calls out to the Daleks. Ian sees the leader form the doorway. Genisis, making a speech on how they can live together, and grow in peace, is unaware of the danger leering in the dark. The Daleks slowly come out of hiding. Ian observes the scene. Then one of the Sows makes a move to the food; Ian jumps out yelling, “No! It’s a trap! Get out of here! RUN!’

The Dalek yells and shoot the leader, Genisis falls to the ground. Ian jumps back behind the wall as another Dalek shoots at him (dear god the effects of the rays on the wall. The whole screen just jumps around in black and white.) Ian runs off one direction. The Sows in another, Aladon is hiding against a wall. The leader lay sprawled out in the middle of the supplies the Sows had asked for.


Ian runs through a door, and into Aladon “Who are you?’ Ian asks startled as Aladon grabs him by the arm. Aladon introduces himself and realizes that Ian was the one who warned him. Aladon wonders why the Daleks attacked. Ian urgently informs Aladon that he must get the others away from the town.


The Sows are waiting for the other tribe members to return. The Doctor is talking with one of the females; they are conversing about the solar system they live in. The Doctor is fascinated. After looking at the planet lay out, he feels he may figure out how to get them back home. The last of the survivors show up. They had tried to go back for Genisis, but it was hopeless. Some others lost their lives to on the rescue mission. The Sows have to figure out what to do next. Aladon now has to be the next leader, which he still is bewildered as to why they killed Genisis. Ian informs him that the Daleks act without any feeling or reason. The Daleks act on dislike for those not like them (prejudice much). Ian then advises that they must teach the Daleks to respect the Sows. “What would you do if the Daleks left the city, came her to attack you?” Ian asks. “We would move away.” responds Aladon. “You would simply run away?” Barbara asks in disbelief. Aladon does not know how to respond. Ian urges that they cannot keep running. Sooner or later they will be destroyed. But Aladon states that they could not fight the Daleks. Barbara is bewildered at the passiveness the sows possess. She wonders if this is a belief. The Doctor approaches Ian and Barbara, showing them the picture he has in his hand. The picture is of the first ancestors of the Sows. He then tells them the story of their history. How there was a war, most the Sows died and others mutated. But in the case of the Sows, mutation came in full circle to what they see today. The picture in his had has the Sows looking more squared up, and in uniform (which I don’t see the big change honestly, the picture looks of a drawing more than camera taken) But according to the Doctor, the Daleks never did complete mutation, instead went into the machines. There is also an image of the original Daleks, who were called Darls then. (I think that what they said). Ian holds the image, with a look of disgust on his face, while the doctor continues on with his history lesson. Barbara notices that in the picture of the Sows, the man is holding a sword. The Doctor explains that they were warriors once. She finds this fascinating. Susan comes to announce that one of the fallen Sow is feeling better. The Doctor delights at this message, then decides that its time to head back to the ship. Susan wants to stay longer, insisting that the Sows are nice, but the Doctor declines, stating that the Daleks are not so kind. The Sows are walking by, with their deceased on their shoulders, like a burial march. The heroes watch, saddened. Ian wonders if there is any point as to reminding the Sows of who they used to be. The Doctor enquires as to Ians remark. Barbara explains that the Sows are not so inclined as to engage in combat with the Daleks. They have been trying to convince them to stand up against the Daleks. The Doctor states that it’s not their fate that rests with the Sows, this is their problem and should leave well enough alone. He insists that they head out. Ian agrees with the Doctor, and Barbara feels they should go too. The Doctor asks Ian for the fluid thing. Ian searches his pockets and looks at the Doctor, “Come on now, you know I cant start the ship without it.” Starts the Doctor, but Ian seems to have lost the piece… He remembers that the Daleks took it from him when they searched him. It’s still in the city.


The next episode: The Expedition ^_^                                                        beautyplus_20160925102305_fast


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