Elementary SN05-EP04 ‘Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling


After a few weeks of being without my computer and no access to Elementary I and happy to tell you I am finally back on deck and I am slowly getting the recaps up, so please accept my apologies. Right let’s get this show on the road, I guess it is better late then never 😉

SN05-EP03 ‘Render and Then Seize Her’ Recap

Sherlock and Watson are called to a murder at a clothing-optional retreat leads to the investigation of a week-old kidnapping for ransom; the husband of the kidnapped woman is the head of a post-production company hadn’t reported the kidnapping for fear for her life. The solution turns out to involve CGI manipulation of video footage, and the music of Steve Winwood. Sherlock learns that Captain Gregson’s girlfriend Paige is going broke because she’d lost her insurance, Sherlock tries to persuade Gregson to marry her for financial reasons.


SN5-EP04 ‘Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling’

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller), Watson (Lucy Liu) and Bell (Jon Michael Hill)  investigate the murder of Russell Cole , a Quantitative Analyst that worked for Mitch Barry (Richard Thomas) when he wasn’t freelancing on his own, Holmes believes it most likely had something to do with a missing laptop that was stolen from the scene of the crime. Holmes gets a text from Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) asking him to come by the office and Watson and Bell head to Cole’s office, his boss tells them that Cole was like family, Barry said Cole was a mad genius and he gave him a long leash. Sherlock heads to the office to see Gregson, he tells Sherlock to relax, Gregson mentions Medal Day and that they hand out Unit Citations to exemplary squads and he and Joan are to receive one. Joan tracks down Mrs Barrett and tells her she knows Cole was in Hawaii with her, Mrs Barrett says her husband didn’t know she was having an affair, she tells Joan that Cole has a cabin near Bear Mountain upstate.


The cabin has papers and files everywhere, however, they aren’t financial but scientific, Sherlock says the fate of life on earth is why he was killed. Sherlock explains that Cole was working on the end of the world, Cole had submitted a paper on asteroids and calculations on collisions and the threat to human existence. Sherlock and Joan head to the New York Science Centre to see Julius Kent (Owain Yeoman), the celebrity astronomer who Sherlock hates to work with, he and Sherlock went to boarding school together. Kent said he knew about Cole’s paper and says Cole’s theory is that asteroid’s makeup can affect the temperature, however, his paper had a lot of errors. Cole had a solution but Kent said NASA already shelved a satellite proposal thanks to Cole’s paper and it could have cost companies $500 million. Bell finds a waitress that recognised Cole and she tells Bell and Joan that he was behaving strangely, he didn’t use his laptop but had it with him, Joan finds a thumb drive stuck in a wall and believes it could be a dead drop.



Joan and Bell tell Gregson that Cole had a partner on the paper and that the mistakes were left in there in error and were designed to kill the satellite project, his partner was paying him. They bring Barrett in and he accuses them of lying, he love Cole like a brother. Joan and Sherlock meet Congressman Salazar and her science advisor Grant, they learn that $500 million didn’t go anywhere and all proposed projects are on hold and cold be a decade before they get it on track again. Sherlock has a new theory, what if delaying the research for a decade was the point, what if asteroid mining would profit, they are packed with precious minerals. There are four companies looking at asteroid mining along with government, they may want to slow things down so they can mine the skies for gold. Grant shows up to the Science Centre and Joan tells him his office is being searched by the police and they believe he killed Cole and co-writing the paper, Grant was lobbying for the asteroid mining companies before working for Salazar, they have the DNA, the couch and they can match the oil to the plants at Cole’s cabin. Sherlock shows up to the Medal Day and surprises Joan.


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Elementary airs Sundays 10/9c on CBS


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