Elementary SN05-EP05


Two down and two to go, thank you for your patients guys as I work through getting the recaps up for you. Before we get stuck into recapping episode 5, let’s have a quick recap of episode 4.

SN05-EP04 ‘Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling’

Holmes and Watson are drawn into the world of asteroid research when they are called to investigate the murder of a financial analyst Russell Cole. Captain Gregson lobbies to have Holmes and Watson included when his unit is selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work. This was the 100th episode for the cast and crew.

SN05-EP05 ‘To Catch A Predator Predator’

Joan (Lucy Liu) gives Shinwell (Nelson Ellis)some of Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) old clothes for an interview, he finds a version of the hat that Holmes is famous for, It’s Shinwell’s fifth job interview and he is getting down about not getting call backs, no one seems to want to give the ex-con ago. Watson decides that it would be a good idea to train Shinwell as a detective however, Holmes can’t see it and given what happened to Kitty, Holmes doesn’t want a repeat of bringing someone else into his line of work. Shinwell refuses Watson’s offer and says he is taking a break from job hunting. In a cheap hotel room, a man is clearly getting ready for a date, while telling his wife he will be stuck at the office all night when he is interrupted by the sounds of gunshots, which he tells his wife is a co-worker popping champagne, seconds later a body comes crashing through his window.


Holmes initially believes that this is a sexual predator hunting a teenage girl, he is disappointed that the hunter has escalated to murder because up till now Holmes has admired his work. Holmes finds out the victim Damien Novak, is actually the vigilante from his wife, Novak’s sister was a victim of a similar crime when she was younger, which gave Novak his motivation. Novak has five previous victims, two of the men are abroad, one is still in a coma and the fourth is in Jail, however, there is a fifth man out there, who Holmes and Watson believe is the primary suspect. They bring in the suspect Jack McGill, who claims it was a scam, was in the middle of a sexual harassment lawsuit at the time. Novak had another dating profile and he was after the woman, Yvette Ingrim who McGill harassed, and was filing the lawsuit. Ingrim had to pay off most of what she won from the suit to her law firm.


Novak’s brother in law is brought in for questioning because of his connections with the law firm Ingram went to for help with her suit, and after looking over the files, it leads Holmes to the employee he spoke to earlier on in the episode from “True Romantix”, Molly Parsons. Parsons was abused by one of Novak’s victims who fled the country before he could be convicted. Molly arranged to meet Novak and it escalated quickly to murder. Sherlock was able to track down Fitzhugh and the police in Bali where Fitzhugh is hiding out will plant drugs in his house which will lead to his arrest. Shinwell returns home to find a man in his house, he tells Shinwell that it would be a shame for Shinwell to die before their plans were finished, and says he still has plenty of work to do. Hmm, this doesn’t look like this will end well for Shinwell.


Watch the promo of episode 6 below


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