American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 9’


We are almost there folks one more recap to go and I am finally up to date after being with out the computer for weeks. Let’s refresh with a quick recap of episode 8 before we get down and recap episode 9.

Roanoke ‘Chapter 8’ Recap

Shelby and Dominic are under threat from both inside and outside the house as the try to plot there escape, meanwhile Lee, Audrey and Monet have been kidnapped by the Polk Family and are being held captive, and are force fed pieces of Lee’s leg.


Roanoke ‘Chapter 9’

Sophie (Taissa Farmiga), Milo (Jon Bass) and Todd (Jacob Artist) three fanatics of My Roanoke Nightmare head out into the woods armed with go pros and helmet cams in search of the Roanoke house. They stop and take pictures of the tree where Flora’s hoodie was found in ‘Chapter 3’ but are interrupted by a bloodied woman who begs them for help. The bloggers who are hoping to be come internet sensations give chase after the bloodied woman, only to find her dead body in her overturned car. They report what they found to the police however, the police didn’t find a dead body and the bloggers were told to stop making the repots up and wasting police resources.


Audrey (Sarah Paulson), Lee (Adina Porter) and Dylan (Wes Bentley) return to the Polk compound to recover Lee’s taped confession and to find Monet (Angela Bassett) in the hopes of escaping this nightmare, but it not even close to ending yet. Dylan is murdered by Ishmael while AudreyLee and Monet succeed in escaping the incoming mob, but they get separated again in the woods. Bloggers, SophieMilo and Todd return to the woods under the cover of darkness to expose the real truth of what is going on at the Roanoke house. Audrey and Monet make it back to the house but Lee is still in the woods, she comes in contact with Scáthach (Lady Gaga) who possesses LeeLeeThomasin and her mob murder the bloggers and skewer two of the bloggers and roast them alive, Lee then heads in the house and murders Monet and attempts to murder Audrey.


The following morning the police arrive at the house to find the carnage and roasted humans on sticks, they find Lee on the ground in the feature position and it seems that she is no longer possessed. Audrey, having surprisingly survived her wounds attempts to shoot Lee in vengeance and in a cruel twist of fate she is gunned down by the police, Audrey was the last one alive who know about Lee’s confessing and now it will go to the grave with her.


Watch the promo for ‘Chapter 10’ Below

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesday 10pm on FX

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