Elementary SN05-EP06 ‘Ill Tiding’



Howdy fellow Elementary fans, let’s get straight down to business but first here is a quick recap of episode 5.


SN05-EP5 ‘To Catch A Preditor Preditor’

Sherlock and Watson investigate the murder of a man who led a secret life as a vigilante. The victim outed sexual predators on dating sites and publicly shamed them. Meanwhile, Sherlock disagrees with Joan’s plan to help Shinwell when his criminal record prevents him from gaining a full-time job.



SN06-EP06 ‘Ill Tidings’

A chef collapses in a hectic restaurant kitchen and starts bleeding from his eyes and dies soon after. It is apparent to the investigators that this was a poisoning when the line cook Mateo Lima soon starts to exhibit the same but is being treated. Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) figured out that someone had poisoned the cotton candy foie gras with fibreglass and snake venom. There is a bigger problem at hand though with the dish being served to seven other people at a lunch reservation. The medical examiner is having trouble identifying the type of snake that the poison came from as another victim, Tate Orvis turns up but he doesn’t make it. Danilo Lucas, a Serbian programmer who is in town made the lunch reservation, Holmes and Bell (Jon Michael Hill) head to Lucas’ hotel room and find in a hidden wine bottle with a false bottom, are what looks to be key cards.


Joan (Lucy Liu) and Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) interview Tate Orvis’s mistress, the pair had fought the previous week, she thought he had another affair, she had found key cards and her mind it cemented the fact he was seeing another woman. The key cards help Sherlock find the rest of the potential victims from the lunch reservation, all members of the IAO (The Internet Address Organization), the group controls core security for the entire internet. The sole survivor of the group (IAO) has an alibi for the time when the poison was planted and it pokes some massive holes in Sherlock’s theories, Sherlock and Joan think the possibly one person was the target and the other were collateral damage. News outlets receive threats saying that the attack on the IAO was just the beginning and that there will be another attack on wall street, which sends the NYSE into lockdown, Sherlock thinks it is a hoax and the murderer will profit from the panic of shutting down the NYSE.



It doesn’t take long for Sherlock to figure out what the killer really wants, the NYSE was home to three paintings that are worth 60 million dollars, the killer used the panic and chaos after the stock exchange, so they could walk straight out the front door with them. To buy some time the police release a fake statement that the paintings have been recovered, Sherlock monitors the chatter on the black market websites and narrows down a suspect, Brian Beale, who did the tech security at the NYSE. When they reach his apartment Beale is already dead, believed to be bitten by the snake he used to get the venom from, Sherlock believes he wasn’t working alone, he had a partner, Mateo Lima the line cook. Sherlock finds another of the stolen paintings in the snake terrarium that Lima owned. Sherlock agrees to see meet his girlfriend since they have not seen each other in weeks but Bell’s crush on the ADA opens Sherlock’s eyes to some problems in his own relationship with Fiona (Betty Gilpin) it make’s him realize that they don’t talk about their work, for most that wouldn’t be a deal breaker but for Sherlock who believes his work is a part of who he is as a person. After talking to Joan, he takes a call from Fiona but we don’t know if they broke up or will work it out, I guess we will find out on the next episode.

Watch the promo for episode 7 below


Elementary airs  Sunday at 10/9c on CBS

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