Supergirl’s Chris Wood teases Mon-El’s superhero suit


It has been confirmed that Mon-El will be joining the cast of Supergirl, and played by Chris Wood, actor from shows like Vampire Diaries and Carrie Diaries. And in recent interviews he reveals a little to us on the design his super suit will take…

“They’re always true to the comic. They at least give a severe hat tip to the comics in terms of design, so you needn’t worry about that. They stay true like they have with Flash and Arrow and Supergirl.”

But it seems that we won’t see to much of the super suit in this season of Supergirl, Chris Wood also confirms that his character has some soul searching to do as to why he would want to be a protector of earth so the suit may not be dawned right away. Wont that be exciting though… I sure hope they give us all three heroes, Supergirl, Superman, and Mon-El, side by side all suited up and ready for action. ^_^



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