Fantastic Beasts Clothing line and where to find them at Hot Topic


The other day I found in the mail a brochure from one of my fav stores, Hot Topic. To my delight they have a new clothing line all inspired from the JK rolling world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. So of course I had to venture in and check this out.

The clothes I wanted to try on were the fantastic beast line. The men had suits and the women had dresses all inspired by the Movie. They looked stunning. I drove down to the Valley River Mall where our store lies and hurried to Hot Topic. Once in the store I asked the nice clerk to help me find where they display of clothes was, which she happily helped me with and, with 4 items in my hand, made my way to the dressing room. The outfits I tried on was the Tina Goldstein pin-up dress, Symbols Skater dress, Queen Goldstein flapper dress, and a Fantastic beast logo shirt.

All the outfits fit beautifully, the cut was flattering, and material nice and light with plenty of give room so you can move comfortably… Oh and the dresses (accept for the flapper dress) had pockets! I just loved them. I was not to big on the shirt but I just find that my body type does not pull off shirts with that style of cut. But over all, the clothes were Fantastic to say the least.


The prices were a bit spendy, but that is good quality material and the designs are unique so I feel its fair. Ranging from 54-69 dollars for the dresses and about 80-dollar region for jackets. The men’s clothes ran about the same. But hey, Black Friday is this week so maybe you can find them on the website for a bit cheaper.

Now sadly I did not buy any of the dresses though I wanted to so badly, considering it’s the holidays and not time to go shopping for me. But I did make a note of which ones I loved the most and will be passing this on for any who want to know what I want for Xmas. ^_^



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