Elementary SN05-EP07 ‘Bang Bang Shoot Chute’


Hello fellow Holmes fans, I am almost caught up so without further ado let’s have a quick recap of episode 6 before we get down to business with episode 7 recap.

SN05-EP06 ‘Ill Tidings’

Holmes and Watson investigate a mass murder when a chef and his patrons are poisoned after dining on a tasting menu tainted with snake venom. Meanwhile, Bell’s crush on a work colleague makes Sherlock realise his relationship with Fiona is at an important crossroads.

SN05-EP07 ‘Bang Bang Shoot Chute’

Joan’s (Lucy Liu) sister comes for dinner and shared some concerns about Shinwell (Nelson Ellis)she seen him speaking with a man who looked like trouble and suggests it may be a good idea for Joan to check in on him. Two base jumpers prepare to jump off a building, as the take the leap one of the jumpers become the target of a sniper, and plunges to his death being shot through the chest but his buddy flees the scene, which poses the question, if he set his buddy up to be murdered, why else would you flee the scene? Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) arrives at the scene and found the victim’s chute had also be cut, though it appeared to be the bullet that killed him. With a tapered chute and a bullet in the victim is clear that there has been an attempted murder and a murder, why did two different people want the victim Bennett dead?



The victim’s wife has and alibi and had also tried to take her husband out of jumping that night , she suggested that perhaps the other jumper, Bennett’s camera man, is to blame. One of the jumpers friend’s who used to jump with them had died when he and Bennett collided and knocked him out. Arturo wasn’t able to deploy his chute and plunged to his death. Sherlock reviewed the base jumping videos in order to find a lead and the whereabouts of the friend who fled the scene. Sherlock was able to find him by tracking the high-tech camera equipment instead of the phone. They Bring Mark in and Sherlock notices Joan’s sister is at the station, she is looking through the old mug shots to identify the man Shinwell had met at his apartment. Mark claimed he didn’t kill Bennett, instead, he claimed that Arturo’s sister who was a West Point cadet with sniper rifle skills, however, it was better for her if Bennett was alive in order to publish her brother’s book.


Sherlock looked into Arturo’s book and found a photo of him and Bennett from when they were contracted to guard shipments of money into Iraq, the photo was labelled “our one regret”, which appeared to indicate that they may have had a chance to take some money and turned it down. Joan met with “Tall Boy“, the man who Joan’s sister saw Shinwell meeting. Joan asks why he threatened Shinwell‘s parole, he claimed that Shinwell reached out to him. A guy named Declan showed up on Sherlock’s doorstep, he admitted to stealing some of the money for the Iraq shipments and claimed he didn’t kill Bennett, the $500k that he had given to Bennett was not blackmail, it was a high-interest rate loan that Bennett made payments on every month. The case leads Sherlock and Joan to a private skydiving plane, which appears to be registered to a shell corporation out of Canada, Bennett had been smuggling something back and forth over the US/Canadian border. When they dug deeper, they found he was smuggling people, the latest pair smuggled what an Iraqi warlord wanted for war crimes and his daughter.


Sherlock and Shinwell play chess and Sherlock advises him not to throw it all away, the finally track down the warlord and his family, he side with the Taliban when they were in power but when the lost power he then side with allied forces while they were in command, but when the Taliban regained control the no longer trusted him and killed his brother and threatened to kill his family, which is why the fled. They had no reason to kill Bennett and they led them to speak to the pilot, they tracked him down and he confesses but Sherlock isn’t buying it, he makes the connecting that he is Bennett’s wife’s father and clearly protecting his daughter. They bring in Bennett’s wife in again and she admitted to sabotage, Bennett had been having an affair she cut all the chutes. Sherlock went back to the Iraqi family who said shortly after they arrived with their son, their daughter ran away and the son went after her, with military training the explained that after killing Bennett, he would kill his sister in order to get the family name back. Sherlock and the team track him down and arrest him just as he is about to take a shot at his sister. Joan sees Shinwell and he doesn’t want her help and more, he is dangerous and she needs to walk away.

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Elementary airs 10/9c on CBS

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