Review: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon is 20 years old and this series really has stood the test of time. This game is a testament to all the greatness of the series as well as a great start for new players.

Taking in place in the Alola region situated in what would be Hawaii, gamers are in for a tropical adventure. It really is stunning seeing how much these games have grown since Pokemon Red and Blue.

In this generation we got to choose from Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio for our main Pokemon. These Pokemon all evolve amazingly in their own way but I chose Rowlett.

Never have I ever seen such love for a starter honestly than the love people show for Rowlett. It is just really nice to see how much Pokemon still means to the world.

This game is fantastic especially since it really changes things up. There are no gyms like in its predecessors. The trials that replace gyms are actually far more intuitive. With interesting challenges and finally a boss battle of sorts I was impressed.

The story itself is also something to be lauded as it is rather deep. The two antagonists have their own vibes they bring to the game and what happens can truly be shocking. 

With all the new you might wonder if there is anything for old fans. Of course anyone who has played Pokemon will enjoy these games. But there are so many call backs to the other games. 

There are the Alolan forms which while they may not all be great are very well designed. You can also fight Red and Blue the original protagonists with updated looks. Plus if you read the text you will see many little connections to the original games. 

With a small but eclectic bunch of new Pokemon and all of the other favorite ones you can really craft a fantastic team. While I may have been a little sad about the small number of Pokemon it turned out to be alright in the end.

As someone who has been playing Pokemon since the beginning, I would definitely give this game great marks. It has a great story with amazing game changers and a wonderful cast of characters. Whether you are a new fan or an old one, play these games and enjoy an Alolan adventure.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out now for Nintendo 3DS. Keep checking for more reviews and pop culture news.


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