Scream Queens SN02 EP05 – ‘Chanel Pour Homme-icide’

Last episode left us not knowing the fate of Special Agent Denise Hemphill and Chanel No.5.


This episode opened and revealed the devastating news that Denise was in fact dead. Well breathing but brain-dead and stored away in a cryogenic chamber, so we can only hope she has a miraculous recovery, which is unrealistic, but this is scream queens after all. Chanel No.5 survives yet another attack on her life by the green meanie. Is she just lucky? Or could she be in cahoots’ with the green meanie? Like I’ve said before, she’s being constantly pushed and beat on by the other Chanel’s, maybe she has finally snapped and her being attacked is just a cover to stop suspicions on her.

Meanwhile, there is yet another Halloween Massacre and I must say this green meanie is a very busy dude. Anyway, this forces Munsch to report the killings to the police, surprisingly this leads to an influx in patients. In this case it seems to be true that ‘bad press is better than no press’. And with this influx of patients the Chanel’s decide to recruit more Chanel’s to use as their personal slaves and human shields from the green meanie.

We have to talk about the hospital’s new patient with an inconsistent accent, which also temporarily rubbed off on Dr Holt, Dr Cascade and Chanel No.3, who all needed to be applauded for their spot-on accents and how they fluently changed from one accent to another. This has to be the best thing I’ve seen, definitely the most memorable and hilarious moment yet from this show. Genius!


Billie Lourd as Chanel No.3, Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, Abigail Breslin as Chanel No.3.


2 of the new Chanel’s were killed this episode, Tristan – the Chanel obsessed fan-fiction writer, and No.11 – the patient with 11 fingers. Seems the green meanie will cut through the newbies very quickly and with only 4 human shields left, it seems as though the Chanel’s will have to think of a different strategy to survive the green meanie.

Notable moments this episode:

  • Holt cured Chanel’s blue skin from the previous episode.
  • Our favourite pill-popping nurse is back! Nurse Hoffel returned with some of her best lines yet, as she continued to put the Chanel’s in their place and also blackmailed Musch when she tried to fire her.
  • Also, the Chanel’s enlisted the help of Hester which seems like an incredibly stupid x20 idea. But I guess it takes a killer to catch a killer.
  • Zayday suspects Chamberlain to be the hospital baby, you know the baby’s dad was left for dead by the doctors on Halloween night in the 80’s. Well at the end of the episode it was revealed the hospital baby is Dr Cascade, making him our number 1 choice for being the green meanie. However, this early reveal means he is probably not, I’m sure there are plenty more twists to come.

Questions we still need answered; Who is the green meanie? Are the green meanie and Hester working together? Does the green meanie have a partner? Maybe Chanel No.5? Will Zayday find a cure for Munsch? What is Dr Cascade’s agenda? Will Zayday realise who Cascade is? And who will be the green meanies next victim?

Comment and let us know your theories, do you think you know who the green meanie is?

Check out a clip for next weeks episode:


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