The Flash SN3 E7 – Killer Frost

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Central City speedster, Barry Allen, as he fights crime and other metahumans. Today’s episode is Episode 7 of Season 3, titled Killer Frost.

We rejoin the Flash as he’s dangled off the wall by Savitar, the god of speed. Joe shoots into Savitar’s back but Savitar doesn’t take the slightest damage. One of Savitar’s followers tries to jump Joe, but Joe easily knocks him out, firing at Alchemy who manages to escape. Savitar takes off with the Flash, running around the city and beating him up. At the docks they finally stop, Savitar holding his blade to the Flash’s throat once more. A portal opens nearby, thanks to Cisco’s vibing powers, and out come Caitlin and Cisco. With Cisco drained from opening the portal it’s up to Caitlin to save Barry. Using her powers she ices Savitar, saving Barry, and Savitar runs off.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Caitlin runs tests on Barry and Cisco, concluding they’ll both be alright. Wally remains in the crystal cocoon, an anxious Joe watching him. Unable to shake a gut feeling, Joe leaves to interrogate one of Alchemy’s followers that he knocked out. Caitlin sneaks out, finding Joe at the police station and tricks him into believing that Wally is awake and waiting for him. He leaves hurriedly, but Caitlin remains behind, sneaking into the interrogation room where one of Alchemy’s followers sits cuffed. She freezes the camera and begins her interrogation of him. Unable to get much out of him, Caitlin leaves when two policemen hear the follower’s screams. Just when she’s about to escape, Julian interferes, so Caitlin abducts him taking him to a factory.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team realize that Caitlin is now mentally unstable because she had to use her powers. Barry and Cisco try to track her down, but its slow progress since Caitlin ditched her phone and Julian’s. Caitlin forces Julian to create an algorithm that will reveal Alchemy’s location, but Julian secretly messages his location to the CCPD. Angered by his actions, Caitlin is about to ice Julian, but the Flash shows up and tells her they can help her. The Flash knocks out an angry Julian, while Caitlin explains that the only person who can take away her powers is Alchemy. Knowing that Cisco can hear their conversation, she reveals that Barry’s creation of Flashpoint resulted in Dante’s death. The CCPD show up ready to shoot at Caitlin, but Barry moves her out of the way. She stabs him in the leg with an icicle, severing a muscle rendering him immobile while she escapes.

With Barry still healing, Crisco emotionally hurt, Caitlin on the loose and Wally in the cocoon, the team seems broken. Iris and Barry remain behind to watch over Wally, while Cisco, HR and Joe go on a stakeout for Caitlin. Caitlin shows up at one of Alchemy’s follower’s house, threatening him to reveal Alchemy’s location. Instead, the follower reveals that Savitar showed them the future and that Killer Frost has a powerful position in it. Cisco shows up outside, so Caitlin goes out to have a showdown. They  battle it out Vibe v. Killer Frost, until the Flash shows up. Together they knock Caitlin out and the team locks her up in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Suddenly there’s a surge of power into one room, where Wally’s cocoon is. Joe is trying to open the cocoon, desperate to save his son from whatever fate awaits him. Barry pushes everyone out the way just as the cocoon explodes, revealing Wally, the speed-force flowing through his veins. Confused, Wally runs off, leaving the team worried and amazed. Barry knows the only one who can help Wally is Caitlin. He goes to her prison alone and releases her. Barry tells her the only way she’s allowed to leave is if she kills him. Creating an ice dagger out of air, Caitlin raises it to his heart but can’t bring herself to kill Barry. Underneath the ice of Killer Frost, she is still Caitlin Snow. Realizing this, she gains back her sanity and manages to create a serum that will stabilize Wally’s condition.

Joe figures out that Wally is probably at his old childhood house so he and Barry head over. Joe talks to Wally as Barry injects him with Caitlin’s serum, stablizing Wally. With the team back together at S.T.A.R. Labs, they begin to run tests on Wally, who embraces his powers to the fullest, already eager to help the Flash. Joe gets a call from the CCPD that Julian is finally awake at the hospital. Barry promises to talk to Julian, so that he won’t reveal Caitlin was Killer Frost. Julian agrees to spare Caitlin from the police but only if Barry resigns from the CCPD, to which Barry agrees. Later when Julian is alone in the hospital room, we see him talking with Savitar, donning his Alchemy robes and mask.

Next week on The Flash

I’m hoping we can see Caitlin use her powers more without going full-on Killer Frost mode. Maybe she’ll help battle the aliens? Are you excited for the 4 show-crossover team up? The trailer looks amazing, it’s going to be one hell of a crossover. Until next time, “Run Barry, run!”

Jessica is Skatronixxx’s episode recapper for Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters. Queen of the North and lover of all things geek, follow her on Twitter @SohoDoll.


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