Skatronixxx Fresh Friday’s featured Artist This Week is Juan da God!



It’s FRIDAY peeps and that can only mean two things… One the weekend is nearly upon us and two, it time for Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday’, you guy’s and gals are in for another musical treat with this weeks featured Hip-Hop Artist Juan da God

Juan is a hip-hop artist who hails from Muncie, Indiana and music is in his blood and in his family, with his Father being the local DJ. Juan has played in Chicago, L.A. Boston and at New Yorks Webster’s Hall, he has also been in a few magazines including Midwest’s LEAK Magazine, DYME Squad Magazine and he will also be in the November Issue of MR. DREAMZ. He has also featured on the All Out Show on Sirius XM.



Juan is currently working on his fourth album “Back from Vacay“, but you can find his album “Broken Dreams” on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and CD baby which you will find the links at the bottom of the page. Juan is talented and passionate and you can hear that in his music and lyrics, he reminds me of Tupac with that velvety tone to his voice. His rapping is flawless and his lyrics telly a story, they aren’t just random words strung together. The sounds on the tracks have an infectious beat that makes your body want to move. Just recently Juan has been nominated for Punk Aid 2017’s Teen Clash Indie Artist of The Year award, to be held in London, in March 2017. Juan da God definitely needs a spot in your playlist, your ears will thank me later, Juan was kind enough to do the Fresh Friday Q&A below.



Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday’s  Q&A


Presh:  Who are the main influence in the industry and why?

Juan:  My main influences in the industry is Jada kiss because he loves to do music and he hasn’t crossed over with his music. He sticks to his guns. I feel he is a well-known artist but he isn’t fully known Internationally but he’s able to make money off of his music and shows. He’s one of my favourite artists. Also, Jay-z is a big influence because he made it from the streets to become a huge superstar. He’s probably the most paid artist today. He’s created a clothing line, alcohol, restaurants, record labels, and other things. I think that’s what an artist should want to do expand once you get your foot in the door. Have more hustles than just rap like Jay-z. A lot of artists inspire me because they make feel good music, make you feel some type of way. I like Rick Ross, Jeezy, T.I., Fabolous, J. Cole, Game. It’s too many to name.

Presh: What do you think/hope listeners will get out of your music?

Juan: What I hope/think listeners will get out of my music is that I’m a real artist who has real life experiences. I’ve struggled I’ve been at the bottom. I may not be a super famous rapper/artist but I’ve done a lot of things with just a little money I had. I’ve travelled the states, and I’ve been in Europe. I shot a music video there, recorded in a few studios, sold a few Cd’s and performed there. I did all this with no label, unsigned, and I travelled by myself. Reason being is because a lot of my guys work, or have kids and can’t do a lot so I couldn’t let them slow me down from my dream so I up and left by myself. Once you get that drive and ambition it’s really nothing that can stop you. You got to have that David and Goliath attitude like the obstacle can look big and unbeatable but you got to try and defy the odds. I want my listeners to have hope, drive, ambition when they hear me. You see my life when I rap, you can be motivated, angry, happy, laughing, or sad. My music can give you all different type of feelings because I (we) all have different feelings. I just want my listeners to want to buy my music, and want to see me perform. I tell a lot of stories, I just want my story to be heard and take it how you take it.

Presh: What is the rap and songwriting process like for you?

Juan:  The rap and songwriting process is easy to me. Like I hear the beat and I may listen to it for a few minutes, hours, weeks, or months and then write. The hardest thing for me to do is write choruses or hooks. The verses come to me easily. Once I got a chorus then the song is a done deal, the chorus/hook is what takes me the longest to come up with most times. I talked to a lot of artists and they tell me the chorus/hook is the easiest. So the verses are easy the easiest and the chorus or hook is the hardest for me.

Presh: If you could compare yourself to an established artist in the industry now who would it by and why?

Juan:  If I could compare myself to an established artist in the industry now I would say no one. The reason why is because I’m not an established artist at the moment. I do shows, sell music and travel but I’m not getting big checks and doing shows for 20,000 people. I’m still aspiring and pushing. I have been compared to Jay-z. I’ve been told I resemble 50 cents. I was on Sirius XM radio and my song was playing and the host said I sounded like 2 Chains.

Presh: What can we expect from Juan da god in the near future?

Juan What can you expect from Juan da god in the future? More music first I have albums out BACK LIKE I NEVER LEFT you can find that on Then I have BROKEN DREAMS and GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN . You can find those on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and or I’m working on my 4th album called BACK FROM VACAY. I have about 15 tracks done just choosing which ones I’m a use and how many. I’m improving with every album you can see my growth. Also, I’ll have some shirts and other things I’m trying to sell I’m Just grinding find me on twitter and Instagram @Juan_da_god. Find me on facebook @DjuaneMcphaul and my fan page is @Juandagod765 hit the like button for me thanks in advance. Just google me you’ll find me. I appreciate the time and opportunity. Peace


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