Gilmore Girls – A Year In the Life


I have to say that I’ve had an internal debate going with myself for hours over what I was going to say in this review.  Because, my usual style is to tell it like it is seasoned with some spoilers, but if you’ve read my stuff before, you know that and go in prepared for same.  However, this is an epic deal.  Spoiling this for someone would make me the epitome of evil.  In fact, Webster would take the time and money to recall all of the new dictionaries just to put my picture by the word evil.  So, if you were hoping I was going to tell you those precious four words…. sorry.  You’re just going to have to watch 6 hours of yummy Stars Hollow goodness for yourself.

For almost a decade, the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has said that she always knew how she wanted to end the show … with four words.  She finally got that chance, thanks to Netflix.  And, as hard as it is to write a review and not include those four words, I’m going to.  Because, I don’t want to be “that person”…. the one that ruins it for you.

For months, I’ve waited with bated breath just like the other millions of fans of the show.  Waiting to see who Rory finally chose (I was #TeamDean… but never hardcore. I was on the fence between Dean and Logan.) and guessing what those four words were going to be, took up a lot of my time.  Lucy (my BFF that watches a lot of my favorite shows with me) and I spent a lot of time going over what those four words could be.  We had decided that they couldn’t be “Will you marry me?” from one of Rory’s perfect boyfriends because it would leave us all with an unanswered question.  And surely, Sherman-Palladino wouldn’t be that cruel to do that to us.  We tried out various phrases, and without giving anything away … we knew the topic … just not the exact four words.  We in no way saw it the way it went down though.  It was supposed to be an ending… not a whiskey tango foxtrot moment.  I was so pissed off.  I even tweeted to @GilmoreGirls (the official twitter of the show) … saying “Um.  Yeah.  I’m gonna need more.”

But, I’ve spent time in private reflection, and I’ve realized a few things.  First, this was always how Amy Sherman-Palladino intended to end the show.  So, whether I like it or not this is the end.  Kaput.  Finale.  A be a be a be, That’s all folks.  And, I can accept that.  I’m not one of those people that will complain and try to force a different ending out of her.  This was her story to tell, and she did a right fine job of it too.  Everyone came back to our favorite little fictional town in Connecticut…. well… almost everyone.  There was one glaring absence, but it was so not his fault, and he was there in every way that counted… every way that he could be.  Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), you were missed… so very missed.  But, when it got to the tribute part in the final (Fall) episode… I cried.  I knew I would though, so I was prepared.

Next, we all know the rest of the story.  Sherman-Palladino doesn’t have to tell us the rest.  We KNOW it.  Rory is so much like her mother.  So. Very. Much.  The story has come full circle.  Any more of the story would look almost exactly the same, just with minor differences … so minor that they aren’t worth telling.  Rory will have her child (perhaps a girl to also be named Lorelai), and she’ll raise it on her own.  She’ll sacrifice her dreams to raise her daughter (yes, no matter what… in my mind it’s a girl) just like her mother did before her.  She’ll finish her book, and it will be a best seller … the profits from which will help support her and little Lorelai IV.  Okay.  So, I included some spoilers.  You still have to watch for the exact four words.  And, even though she spent most of the 6 hours telling everyone in Stars Hollow that she was NOT back…. she’ll raise her child there… and she’ll be the fourth generation of Gilmore Girls.  We know that she’s going to raise little Lorelai IV alone because of that seemingly random conversation with her father.  Christopher was never cut out to be father material… neither is Logan.  Because, yes… Logan is little Lorelai IV’s sperm donor.  It happened during that beautiful goodbye of a night with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade.  Because come on, we know the Wookie didn’t do it… that was way back  in the Spring and she’d have been showing big time by Fall.  But, no matter what you think of Logan, Rory learned something from him… just like she did from all of her boyfriends.  From Dean, she learned what safe was (her words), from Jess she learned how to be bad and a rebel.  Logan taught her that there was more to life than academics… that you couldn’t live your life with your nose in a book, you had to get out into the world and LIVE.  Logan was Rory’s Christopher.

As much as I would love to see a full fledged Gilmore Girls revival… I know how it will turn out.  So, I can just go re-watch the first 7 seasons, since it’s also on Netflix. (and yes, a binge is already being planned).  I think I’d name Lorelai IV’s love to hate friend at Chilton London though … instead of Paris.  It would be Lane instead of Sookie, and Jess instead of Luke.  That’s right, as bad as I hate to admit it… Rory will get her happy ending with Jess.  Sherman-Palladino even showed us that too… when Jess watched her through the window, just like Luke used to watch Lorelai when she left the diner.

This 6 hours is soooo worth watching…. I’ll have my warm and fuzzies for years to come.  Thank you, Amy Sherman-Palladino, I’ll treasure this early Christmas present always… or at least as long as it’s available to watch on Netflix.



  1. THis was perfect – the review and your outlook on more. I reeeeeally would love to see more, but you’re right. It’s not necessary. And yes, Jess is totally her Luke. SO much so. and DAYUM was he hot lol.
    Loved that you loved it.
    i did too. It was so very much what I needed to see to round out the end of 2016. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person


  1. […] revival has seen mostly positive reviews, and we got to hear those final words that the writers promised would conclude the show and wrap it […]


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