American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 10’


This season has gone way too fast, I can believe we are at the final episode already, I don’t know about you guys but I loved the way this season was done, I also loved the fact that I never knew what was going to happy, it is a quality that I love about AHS. Before we look at the final episode lets have a quick recap of ‘Chapter 9’ first.

Roanoke ‘Chapter 9’ Recap

A new actor shows up to the house as per Sidney’s request. Three of the shows fans enter the woods to shoot the blood moon and the history of the house for the web and find out very quickly that all the events at Roanoke were true. Lee is possessed by Sháchath and murders the three young Youtubers, Monet and attempted to murder Audrey. Right let’s take a look at the final episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke ‘Chapter 10’

Roanoke ‘Chapter 10’

In the March after My Roanoke Nightmare aired on television, it was screened at PaleyFest where the cast and crew were interviewed by Trixie Mattel and Edward Hansen, and during which, Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) teases the possibility of a second season. One of Lee’s (Adina Porter) fans asks if she can give her a picture of a drawing she had done and also asks for a hug, which lee reluctantly agrees to. That same fan makes a YouTube video, in which she directly addressing Lee, why she came back to do the follow-up to My Roanoke Nightmare, she goes on to criticise the follow-up saying that it felt contrived and would only tarnish the legacy of the original. Then we see another video and it’s from, the real Lot Polk (Frederick Koehler) and hs is promising vengeance on Lee for taking his to babies away from him.


A TV series called Crack’d documents every part of Lee’s life, from her family, her addiction, the custody battle, the murder of her ex-husband and her appearance on My Roanoke Nightmare. In an on-camera interview, the district attorney claims he always knew that Lee was guilty and footage of the murders of the murders from Return To Roanoke: Three Days in Hell will prove it. Lee is put on trial for the murders but her attorney uses the horror and psychological trauma that Lee had to face at the hands of the Polks as a defence strategy. The district attorney is not satisfied and prosecutes her for Mason’s (Joe Alvarez) murder, and in another interview, he walks us through his evidence of Lee’s guilt. Flora (Simone Baker) testifies against her mother in the trial, saying that she witnessed Lee killing her father in the wood. When cross-examined, Lee’s attorney asks why Flora went into the woods alone. Flora says she went out there because she felt safe with Priscilla (Savannah Liles) and Lee’s attorney used this to cast doubt on Flora’s account and the jury find Lee not guilty of Mason’s murder. After the trial, Lee tries to speak Flora but is brushed off.


We are shown another TV series, The Lana Winters Special, the famous reporter Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) She runs through Lee’s life following her acquittal, Lee has written a best-selling book about her harrowing ordeal, and Lana Winters has come out of retirement to interview Lee. However Lee is sceptical of Winters intentions but says Flora gives her hope, and that is what gets her through, and when asked she does admit that she doesn’t see much of FloraLana says to Lee that she can’t be that surprised, Lee starts to get defensive and angry. Winters asks why her despite all the offers from other outlets Lee picked her, Lee says that she thought Winters would be more understanding and sympathetic given her history with atrocities. Lana invites Lee to speak to Flora directly, Lee looks down the barrel of the camera and says she hopes that one day Flora can understand and forgive her for what she has done, Lana then asks Lee point-blank about Flora’s whereabouts, Lee clearly has no idea what’s going on as Lana informs a very shocked Lee that her daughter went missing earlier that day, and she accuses Lee of taking Flora. All of a sudden they hear shots from what sounds like an assault rifle then Lot Polk burst into the room and threatens the pair, then knocks Lana out with the butt of his rifle, she tries to talk him into giving the weapon up, and just as he is about to shoot Lee, he is blown away by the police.


We are shown another TV show called Spirit Chasers, a group of paranormal investigators trespass into the Roanoke house during the blood moon, in the hopes of capturing the reported ghosts of the house on film. While the house is being set up for filming one of the hosts explains some of it haunted history. They bring in the re-enactor who played Cricket Marlowe actor Ashley Gilbert (Leslie Jordan) and come nightfall they begin to experience paranormal activities that start to unnerve them when they are interrupted by Lee who is searching for Flora who has been missing for two weeks. Lee advises them to leave this hell hole of the house while they can, when suddenly the thermal cameras in the house pick up the Chen family as well as picking up the and recording the voice of Priscilla. The Chasers proceeds to ignore Lee’s warning and Ashley is killed by the Piggy Man, one down two to go, as the rest of the Spirit Chasers attempt to flee but are killed by Thomasin and her mob.


Lee and Flora are finally reunited inside the house. The following day, the news reports that Lee is involved in a 14 hour standoff with police at the Roanoke house, they believe Lee kidnapped Flora again and is holding her hostage. Lee and Flora begin to bond and Lee explains that her mistakes were always for Flora’s benefit, she apologises and begs for her forgiveness, she wants Flora to come home but Flora wants to sacrifice herself by burning the house down and becoming a ghost so she can protect Priscilla from Thomasin (The Butcher). Lee tells Flora she will look after Priscilla so Flora can go live her life and can come visit anytime, Flora and Priscilla agree to Lee’s offer of sacrifice and together Lee and Flora burn the Roanoke house down. Flora is found by the police and as they drive her away she watches her mother and Priscilla as they walk off into the woods, Thomasin watches from a hilltop as her mob surrounds the remaining offices and the burning house, with the blood moon again looming in the sky and the sound of wooden totem clanging ominously.


Well my fellow AHS fans that bring us to the end of season 6, what did you think of season 6 and the final episode? I will keep you up to date on all thing AHS and upcoming seasons.

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