Doctor Who: The Expedition; William Hartnell years


Welcome back!


When we last left our friends, they were about to leave the planet and the Sows, when Ian realized, the device that helps power the TARDIS is back with the Daleks…




Back in the city, a door opens and a Dalek comes through. They have duplicated the drug and are discussing how to process this among the others. They look at the viewing machine, and see pictures of the heroes. The Daleks figure that since the heroes have made contact with the Sows, they will now come back and attack.


“No, that is my final word” states Aladon to Ian. Aladon then walks away frustrated, Ian does as well. Ian sits next to Barbara, he discusses with her that there is no use in asking them to help stand against the Daleks. She states that without the Sows, they are stuck on the planet. Barbara and Ian continue to argue back and forth for a moment on needing the help of the Sows. Ian does not feel right about asking them more to sacrifice themselves in order to help the heroes escape the planet. Susan walks over hearing the argument, she sits next to them for a moment then gets up realizing they are in a bicker. Susan wonders to the Doctor. “Any luck grandfather?” she asks hopeful. The Doctor informs her that without the piece of the TARDIS then they are still stuck. He realizes that the trick he played on the others has backfired now and they may be stuck on the planet forever. The Doctor walks over to Ian, They are discussing how foolish the Doctor was to be so careless, and Ian does not seem to feel that the doctor is completely at fault. Barbara walks over to the men, “Its amazing how you two can waist so much time with small talk.” She states annoyed. “I assure you, I am wasting no time….’ Informs the Doctor to Susan. “Do you think we can succeed against the Daleks alone?” Asks the Doctor, “Of course not.” States Susan. The Doctor then continues on, explaining how the Sows have the ability to move in stealth and be undetected by the Daleks, but Ian is not for any plan to involve them in their fight. “Ya, but they are unprotected.” Ian claims. ‘Mind will always triumph. With my help, they will succeed.” States the Doctor. Susan informs the Doctor that this has been an argument all morning, on having the Sows help. Ian is still reluctant, insisting that he will not allow the Sows to fight in their battle. Barbara and the Doctor both insist to Ian that they need the Sows to help if they are to complete the mission and retrieve the missing TARDIS part from the Daleks. “I am not having anyone’s death on my conscience,” Ian states, “Accept for mine, the Doctors and Susans.’ Barbara points out. Ian is still not convinced, “The only way the sows will fight is if they want to, it will have nothing to do with us.” “I know exactly what you mean,’ Susan starts, “if the Sows fight then its for themselves, not to help us.” “Exactly” confirms Ian, realizing that at least someone is on his side. Barbara and the Doctor are frustrated, they walk away, Ian continues after them, “Listen you two, what victory are you going to show them when most of them have died? A fluid link, is this what you are going to hold up to them and say ‘thank you very much, this is what you fought and died for?” Barbara looks at the doctor now they feel a bit embarrassed. Susan asks can the Sows still fight, Ian wonders too if they are cowards or are capable of fighting. He then walks over and picks up a metal piece from the ground and walks over to the Sows. He talks with them about self-respect and defending themselves. “We will not fight, there will be no more wars. Look at our planet, it was full of ideas and invention…I am sorry” Aladon apologizes. Ian more frustrated now accuses Aladon of not being sorry, that he is all talk and no action. “ You carry around your history records, but they mean nothing to you!” Ian states as he then picks up the metal object, “What if I took this to the city, and traded it to the Daleks huh? Perhaps they feel it valuable enough to exchange it for our fluid link?” The other Sows are now scared of Ians threat. Aladon calls Ian out on his bluff, stating that no one would stop them should he go. Ian then goes back to the heroes, “If I don’t get back the fluid link, then the four of us will die.” He then goes back to the Sows, “Perhaps the Daleks are more interested in people. They were holding the four of us captive,” Ian then grabs one of the women Sows, “I could bring them an alternative” he gestures with the female in his grasp. The other heroes look at each other in shock of Ians actions. Ian starts to walk away with the female in his grasp, but as he starts to head out, Aladon then stops him, grabbing his shoulder and clocking Ian in the jaw. “So there is something you will fight for,” Ian observes, rubbing his now sore jaw.



Back at the city, there is a Dalek spinning wildly, “Help cannot control, Help me, Help me!” sounds of fear coming from the tin can.


Emergency, emergency,” alerts the Dalek in the control room, “All daleks in section three are incapable of working” the other Daleks points out, “Section three, that was the first area to get the anti radiation drug the sows had brought” The Daleks then make an announcement to all that the distribution of the radiation drug is to be stopped immediately. The Daleks are in danger due to the lack of radiation and are dying. “The disease has reached us in here” one Dalek points out, “What are we to do, is this the end of the Daleks?” they continue to discuss how they need radiation to survive, “There is no other choice, we need to drop another neutron bomb.” States the Dalek.


Back in the forest, the Sows are sleeping. The female walks over to Aladon who is still awake. “Why are you not asleep? Are you angry with yourself for striking the young man?’ She asks. “No, I knew he was trying to make me do it. I still couldn’t stop myself” Aladon replies, ashamed. They continue to discuss on what is the better option. To fight and live or die without fighting. As the two are talking Barbara and another Sow are walking by and hear the discussion. Barbara then sits against a tree, the Sow sits next two her. “We always do as the leader asks.” He states. Barabara looks up at the sky and notices the bright colors; the other Sow informs her that the light is coming from the swamp, causing a glow in the moonlight. He then informs her that there is horror at the swamp, horrible mutations that have been bread and cross bread. “I wonder why the Daleks haven’t come an clean it out.” Barabra wonders, “Why should they, this is the perfect defense for the back of the city” State the Sow.


Back at the city, a Dalek enters the main control room, “Have the distribution of the anti radiation drug been stopped?’ asks the first Dalek to the one who had entered. “Yes, all distributions have been stopped, all the Daleks in sector 2 and3 have received it, and all Daleks in section 3 died.’ The other Dalek states. The first Dalek turns to the controls and calls over the intercoms, “All Daleks in section two are to be brought to the sonic chamber.” “ We will direct al the air polluted by radiation away from the nuclear reactor, into the sonic chamber.” The second Dalek states. They are figuring how to change the environment to suit the Daleks


Aladon asks, ‘If we do not help you, then what will you do?” “We will go to the city and get back out lost equipment.” Aladon figures that they should help the heroes, he now talks to the others, making a grand speech about how they need to help fight, and stand up to the Daleks, proving that they are not a force to be reckoned with. The other Sows are now with Aladon. The heroes and the Sows work together on a plan to get back in the city, they figure they may need to venture through the swamp, though this may be dangerous, this area is one where the Daleks are not on guard. The others are in agreement.


Back in the city, the Daleks are looking through the viewer, but unable to see exactly what is going on. They figure that the reasons for the difficulty are the radiation. They then wonder to another part of the control panel and look at the report coming out on paper. This shows that the Daleks in section two are recovering. “Then our position is clear, for us the drug is a poison” state the first Dalek, “Then, the radiation is still necessary to us.” States the second Dalek. “I want a complete survey on our supply of neuclear materials.” States the first Dalek “I want a complete estimate of the waist products form the nuclear reactors”


The swamp is dark, water looking thick and boiling. The Sows are walking through, “What makes us think that we will get through this time?” Asks the one Sow to the other “But we have to” states the other Sow” “Do you think the others will help if they find out what happened the first time? How we watched Amasis drag beneath the water, while you and I ran in terror…” Argues the first Sow, “That’s enough!” State the other Sow “I don’t want you upsetting the others, is that clear.” He demands, the other Sow states his understanding. Then walks away. Ian walks over to the first Sow, “The swamp will be very uncomfortable, and the ground is very uneven. We must be careful where we walk. I think it will be a wise plan to rest for a night” Ian agrees with this, they have been traveling for 4 hours and still have two and a half days to travel through the mountain to the city. Ian then decides he will give Barbara a hand. He walks over to her and helps her thought he trees. Ian informs her that they will be resting for now, since they still have a long journey ahead of them. Barbara agrees with this plan. They carefully walk through the swamp bubbling water. Barbara jumps back, spotting a creature. Ian kills the worm looking bug with a big stick, then they continue to the other Sows who are making camp. “Barbara, if you see to the food, I will get the fire going.” Barbara agrees, they figure that the fire may help keep some of the creatures away.

Ian is at the lake washing his face. They all hear a loud rawr, Ian looks up and realizes the sound is coming from the lake. He looks at a giant toad looking creature rising form the bubbling waters, the creatures eyes glowing white. Ian jumps up and runs back to the others. He informs the others there is a creature near by. They decide that one should stand watch while others sleep.


Morning has come and Aladon wakes Ian, there is something at the lake that is in need of observation. The three men are looking from a tree, “You are right, the Daleks do get their waters from the lake” “But how is this possible, they are not very mobile” states Aladon, “They must have made a path directly to the lake” states Ian. They figure they need to get to the path, and go around the lake, the lake is too dangerous to go through it.


Back at camp, Ian tells Barbara on how they found pipes in the lake.


There is another Sow off in the distance, he is gathering supplies near the lake… The waters bubble, and turn in to a giant whirl pool. The Sow yells in terror. The others hear his cries and jump to help. They run to the other Sow…..



The next episode: The Ordeal ^_^    beautyplus_20161126072226_fast


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