The Dark Knight Returns – An Epic Fan film

Hey, all! You don’t know this, but I’m new to The Dark Knight Returns series so I find things like this fan film pretty awesome! This was posted on Youtube on November 23rd, 2016 and is racking up views like crazy!

The Dark Knight Returns filmed for 24 days over a 17-month period from June of 2015 through October of 2016. Shot on a shoestring budget of $2500, it features locations in and around the St. Louis metro area.

I can’t believe this only cost $2500 USD!

Do me a favor and check it out, then let me know what you think. Maybe let the producers of the film know what you think, too! If you have links to any stories of videos that are better or further this story along, please share!

Stay tuned for my next posts on The Expanse, Stan Against Evil, and People of Earth. See you soon!


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  1. Hey Deven – Thanks for the love! “The Dark Knight Returns – An Epic Fan Film” was a passion project that Wyatt Weed has been wanting to do since first reading the comic 30 years ago. After spending 18 years working in Hollywood, he brought his acting and FX talent back to St. Louis, and in 2014 realized he was now old enough to play a 55-year-old Batman, had enough film-making experience and the production team behind him to create a quality project. So glad you liked it!!
    Gayle Gallagher
    Associate Producer
    The Dark Knight Returns – An Epic Fan Film


    • Hey, Gayle! No problem! I’m still in shock about how well this was done on such an unexpected budget! I feel like a whole new world of content has opened up to me! Can’t wait to dig into more of Mr. Weed’s stuff! Please let me know about other productions that I can watch and share!


  2. One of things that made this possible was that as an established production company, we had a lot of the toys we needed – cameras, editing system, and lights. Most of the money went for food, the costumes, and props. There was also a bit put into miniatures. Frankly, when I started adding up the receipts, I myself was kind of shocked at how cheap it was!! If we had paid everyone what they were worth and all of the locations had gotten a fee, it probably would have cost 30 or 40 thousand dollars.


    • OH WOW! Really cool to get to hear from you, Wyatt! One day, I hope to work on a movie. I’ve always wanted to write a script. (I’ll bet you hear that one a lot!). When I started watching, I was really impressed, but I knew it was done really well when even my Dad (who’s notoriously picky) sat down and watched, too.

      I’ve shared on our site and across my FB pages and groups. Hope you get tons of views! Can’t wait for what you do next!


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