The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “Million Dollar Gamble”

When compared to last years Fall Season of Survivor Cambodia, when the Thanksgivings edition gave us the epic two episode downfall of the one-and-only Stephen Fishbach. Tonight’s episode somewhat paled in comparison with two Castaways going home who either were ineffectual in the game or were shown to do little in playing the game.

That being said, who doesn’t enjoy a good Rock-Draw? Well, Jessica for one.

Sorry Jess!

Even though Chris and Jessica went home (more on that later), this episode was very much Zeke and Davids game. The two Kingpins of the season lined up their troops and went into war, leaving Hannah to flip-flop in the middle.

Sure she’s a self-confess neurotic and felt akin to the other neurotic of the Season in David (it was a neuroses love-in) but out of the pair, surely Zeke comes at the game from a purely logical angel. So when Hannah is fully aware that like her, David plays from a stand-point of “Oh crap, I’m going home“, wouldn’t you want the more stable of the pair to steer you in the right direction?

That being said, Zeke played fast and loose this week staring with a warning shot across the bow of the fragile Gen-X alliance. Getting out the stronger players whenever you can will should be the best strategy in Survivor but given how Chris was fully in Zeke’s corner perhaps he will be the dead body that trips him up later. Especially if he is a bitter Juror (which I doubt) but Chris explosion from the game seems the more unnecessary out of the two.

Which leads me to Jess.

Other than her episode 1 Legacy Advantage finding spike, Jess has fallen victim to the ‘tell rather than show‘ mentally that Survivor Editors have towards certain female players in the game. Other than via confessionals by Bret, Chris and Sunday who told us that Jess was a dangerous player, not that anything in the edit suggested that, if anything Jess seemed quiet, loyal and (with all due respect) boring-as-hell. Which makes all the sense in the world considering how she left the game due to a rock draw, so to use Cambodia as a reference point yet again, she is the Kimmi Kappenberg of Millennials Vs Gen-X.

The other big moment came from Bret this week who shared a poignant moment with Zeke when he kinda-sorta-but-not-really came out on Survivor, a moment that was surprisingly handled delicately by the producers. Which lead to Zeke expressing admiration for Bret and the things he has done in his life as a gay-man in a time when being out-and-proud – a mantra that Zeke lives by – was difficult or near-impossible for him to do.

To play the Cynic Survivor Fan though, I was also curious to see that even though this was Bret’s story, it was Zeke who told us what this meant to him, for him and what we as the audience should feel about it rather than Bret himself. Considering this episode was – excuse the double entendre – a coming out party in terms of edit for Bret, perhaps he should tell us his life story in his own words.

Just a thought Survivor Producers, just a thought.


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