Nerdy Crafty Time with Brenda: River Song Journal


Yes, River Song, one of my fav characters on Doctor Who. She is smart, funny, courageous, fantastic dresser, and the confidence she has is astounding and something I wish I had.


One of the key items Mrs. Song carries with her is the Journal. This book is how she links up with the Doctor at each meeting to see where in time they both are. And today I am going to link the video below and show you all how to make one for yourself. Making her journal, I find, is better for cosplay and cheaper on the wallet.


The things you will need:

Papers 40 pieces

Tea (watch the video)




Sewing thread and needle

Glue PVA

Cardboard or thicker paper

Blue black and white paint


The young lady, who’s name is Ella, does a fantastic job on describing how to make the River Song Journal and I find it to be easy to follow. Please enjoy the video below and let me know how yours turned out. ^_^




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