American Dad S12 E3 ‘ The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba’

Roger deals with the loss of one of his alter egos mixing career. The woman they replace her with looks close to Roger which is unsettling. Haley brings Roger to meditate to heal him.

Francine makes reservations for Sushi and Stan begrudgingly accepts. Stan is hilarious because he really isn’t a fan of change.

Stan and Steve are changed by the power of Sushi. Haley is angered by Roger taking over her meditation center.

Stan and Steve learn the way of the sushi chef. Roger ends up on Tv talking about his meditation prowess. Roger ends up going into the mountains to find himself.

Stan and Steve find out the horrid secrets of the sushi chef. Roger hates the special collective his fans have made.

The Sushi chef gives the Sushi shop to Stan and Steve and they fire his son. Roger meditates for the first time and he and Haley go on a mind journey. Roger decides to leave Nirvana because he loves his material possessions.

Francine is upset that Stan and Steve have taken over the Sushi hut.


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