Elementary SN05-EP08 “How The Sausage Is Made”


Welcome back Holmes and Watson fans, let’s kick off this week’s review with a quick recap of episode 7 before we get down and dirty with episode 8.

SN05-EP07 “Bang Bang Shoot Chute”

A man base-jumping off a skyscraper is killed by a sniper while falling however, it turns out that his parachute had been sabotaged, which means that two different people wanted him dead. The investigation reveals that one of the killers is connected to a small human-smuggling operation. Meanwhile, Watson is concerned when she learns that Shinwell is reaching out to some of his old gang members despite the rules of his parole.

How The Sausage Is Made

SN05-EP08 “How The Sausage Is Made”

This Week’s episode kicks of with a visit from a man delivering a coronet (crown) to Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) as payment for something Holmes had done for him. Holmes had previously refused to cash the man’s cheques and therefore thought it better to gift him instead. The gentleman dropped Holmes in it when he told Watson (Lucy Liu) he had not seen Holmes at the AA meetings for months but only this morning Holmes had left Watson a note say he was off to the meeting. Watson questioned him about his meeting in around about way and Holmes blatantly lied to her, so she felt it was necessary to follow him the next time he went to a meeting, and discovered that Holmes was going to a park to play the violin with a group of musicians.

How The Sausage Is Made

Holmes being well versed in the art tailing, knew Watson had followed him to the park and called her on it. Holmes has become bored with the meetings and had stopped going for some time. Holmes and Watson get a call from Dr Hawes (Jordan Gelber), the deceased on his table has appeared to ingest a horse sedative, however, not by conventional means, it seems the man had unwittingly eaten another man who in turn had ingested the horses sedative which had killed him and the guy on the doc’s table. Much to everyone’s disgust, Holmes smelt the dead man’s stomach contents and detected the smell of anise, Only one butcher shop in particular “Brooklyn’s Wurst” used anise to add flavour. Watson and Holmes question the owner and of course dismisses any notion of grinding up humans for his wurst, but did say that someone had broken in recently but nothing was taken. The dynamic duo checks out the area that was broken into and it appears as if someone had been dragged down the stairs to the grinding machine, and the victim was most likely an albino.

How The Sausage Is Made


The Security footage shows someone who fits the victim, but he is not albino, he doses, however, have a grey patch which would explain the first thought of the victim being an albino, talking to a nurse, who Bell (Jon Micheal Hill) tracks down to a local hospital. She ID’s the victim as Joaquin and says if something has happened to him, then it could possibly involve faux meat he had been working on to compete with real meat and to stick it to the “Big Meat” market. Holmes and Watson are able to confirm that the victim is indeed Joaquin and head to his pace of work, where they meet with his boss, Werner Platz (Jeff McCarthy) and his second in charge, Brendan Farley (Fran Kranz), it doesn’t take long for Holmes to pick up that there are a corporate spy in their midst, Corrine (Ito Aghayere) caves immediately and admits she has been planted there by Midwest Cattle RanchersBig Meat” as Holmes like to say, she says she was placed to keep an eye on the competition and share information, but she claims she didn’t kill anyone.


Holmes is put in the direction of a “corporate hitmanThomas Cockburn, who until now had remained elusive to the authorities. Bell brings his daughter Grace in and also tracks down Cockburn. Grace admits that MCR had hired her father to take out Joaquin, however, the was cancelled the hit when they realised that the “schmeat” wasn’t much of a threat to their livelihoods and would most likely be regulated to the vegan section. Holmes thinks that the data was intentionally doctored to throw people off to the fact they were onto something. Holmes is right and Bell brings Brendan in and he admits to fixing the numbers but denies killing him, and he has an alibi for the time of the murder. Holmes invites a host of religious heads including a rabbi and an imam, as both Jewish and Muslim faiths are most inclined to ban meat from their diet for religious purposes. The group confirm that if this “schmeat” was found to be “kosher” then it would be a game changer, as it would be the first meat-like product to be allowed and passable to eat for Muslims, Jews and alike, opening up a massive untapped market that could be worth millions of the people who make the faux meat.


Brendan is brought in again in the hope he will flip on his boss, it is clear he is more involved than he is letting on as his mortgage has been paid in full, now he doesn’t make the sort of money so someone is paying him off to be quite. Again he refuses to cooperate and this time calls in a lawyer and threats to sue for harassment and looks as if the pair are going to get away with murder. Holmes has a light bulb moment and reconvenes the group of religious heads to tell them what is going on. The Heads all agree that “murder isn’t kosher” and will see to it that everyone they can influence to do so will ban the product, leaving it dead in the water and worthless. But if someone is brought to justice for the murder then the “schmeat” will remain kosher and with the potential to make millions. Brendan roll on his boss and Platz is convicted for committing the actual murder. Holmes taking Watson’s advice, attends his old AA meeting where is absence was clearly noticed.


*I am unable to get my hands on the promo for episode 9 but when I do I will update the article.

Elementary airs Sunday’s 10/9c on CBS

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