Lucifer SN02-EP10 “Quid Pro Ho”


Welcome back Lucifans! I really thought Chloe was a goner last night, suffice to say I was very relieved when Amenadiel stepped in, but what a bombshell at the end! Right let’s have a quick recap of last week’s episode “Homewrecker”

SN02-EP09 “Homewrecker”

Chloe, Dan and Lucifer tackle the murder of a wealthy real estate mogul who owned the entire block that includes Lux. Their investigation turns up multiple people with motives, including the victim’s son, his fiancée who comes from modest means, and a rival real estate developer who wants to tear down the whole block, including Lux, to put in a shopping mall. The developer is about to get her wish, until Chloe manages to get the building that houses Lux declared a Historic Landmark. Meanwhile, Charlotte becomes friendly with Dan and starts to strongly believes that Chloe is the reason Lucifer wants to stay on Earth. Charlotte meets with a bomb maker and plans to blow up Chloe when she steps into her car.


SN02-EP10 “Quid Pro Ho”

We begin this week’s episode where we left off with Chloe (Lauren German) leaving the restaurant after being stood up by the selfish but handsome Devil Lucifer (Tom Ellis). Luci, Luci, Luci what are you doing man? I’m just going to throw it out there, I definitely wouldn’t stand Chole up, or any of the girls really… I mean have you seen them!! Mother Dearest (Tricia Helfer) is waiting in the alley so she can blow Chloe up, as she is the one person that is keeping Lucifer on earth. Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) intervenes and tells Charlotte that Lucifer needs to make the decision to return home on his own. Charlotte shows us just how powerful she can be by lifting Amenadiel off the ground by his throat, Amenadiel is undeterred and tells her, if she hurts Chloe, Lucifer with hunt until he finds her killer, he reminded her that Lucifer killed Uriel to save Chloe. Dr Martin (Rachael Harris) guesses that Lucifer didn’t  go to dinner with Chloe and tells him that he is only lying to himself about his feeling for Chloe. Lucifer turns up to Chloe’s house to apologise but she doesn’t want to hear it and nor does she want him to bother her on today of all days, the first day of the murder trial for the man who killed her father. Lucifer says he’s there to support them like “an emotional jock strap there to protect the Decker family jewels“. Ella (Aimee Garcia)is picking up a vibe that Dan (Kevin Alejandro) got laid, he says’ she is way out of his league and he was most certainly punching above his weight, saying she “goddess-like“. Dan gets a mystery package and when they open it, the head of the prosecution’s key witness is staring back at them. Chloe rushes into the courtroom gallery with news of the witnesses murder.



Charlotte struts into the courtroom as Perry’s defence attorney, Lucifer clearly pissed asks “what are you up to now, mother?Lucifer confronts his mother and she tells him, that she needed a way to open his eyes about Chloe, and also reveals to Lucifer that she was going to kill Chloe,  this triggers the Devil within and Chloe says to Lucifer, she hopes this will not impact on the trial. Back at the station, Dan is stunned to learn that Charlotte is defending Perry the man accused of killing his ex-wife’s father. Ella says the victim’s tongue what cut out and his head was severed by a meat cutter and there is only one place where that type of meat can be found. Chloe returns to the courthouse and Lucifer promises to protect her from the “Quid Pro Ho“. Lucifer takes the stand and the prosecutor asks him about being at the crime scene, Lucifer puts on a show a reenact’s the entire scene and have both the Judge and Jury eating out of the palm of his hand. Dan has a feeling he has been set up, he and Ella head over to talk to the butcher who tells them that it was an Asian man with a scar on his neck that came into used the machine. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) catches Amenadiel sneaking around Chloe’s car at their apartment, he says he is there because he can’t stop thinking about her, and while the kiss she takes the detonator out of his pocket and blow his car up, she tells him that he can tell his mother that no one is hurting Chloe on her watch. Lucifer is again called by Charlotte and asked who what first on the scene, Lucifer has no choice but, to tell the truth, that Chloe was first on the scene and now Chloe thinks Lucifer gave Charlotte crucial case information and is not a happy camper. Dan realises that Charlotte used him for intel on the case.



Dan tells Lucifer that the man who chopped off the witness’s head was part of a Chinese syndicate who had been feuding with the Russians. Lucifer, Dan and Maze head to the Chinese cultural centre and Maze tries to drag it out of Dan that he has slept with Charlotte, when Lucifer finds out he puts Dan through a wall, and when they look up a group of armed men are pointing their weapons at them. Lucifer can speak Chinese and asks who is in charge he speaks to the woman in charge and agrees to hand over the man who killed the witness if they fight Kang.  Maze kicks Kang’s arse and sends him hurtling outside. The woman gives Lucifer the information to find the killer. Dan and Lucifer arrive in Chinatown and they find two bodies, one body is the headless witness and the other is the man who killed him. Charlotte continues to manipulate the situation and convinces Chloe to testify against Lucifer and call him a liar, if she does that then she will get her client to plead guilty, oh she is a nasty piece of work this one. Chloe takes the stand and Charlotte questions her about Lucifer’s background and chokes when Chloe says his background running Hell makes him a good detective. Chole ignores Charlotte and says Lucifer isn’t a liar, she tells the room she was the one who arrived first, the prosecution try to revoke the testimony but it’s not to be and Perry is release.



Amenadiel turns up with flowers looking for Maze and finds Penelope (Rebecca De Mornay) crying outside, she tells him she thought things happened for a reason, Amenadiel responds that it is how you respond that makes the difference, he pauses for a minute when he believes he recognises Penelope, he excuses himself and quickly leaves. As Perry leaves the strip club, Dan steps out of the shadows and tell him the Russians are not happy with him, then don’t like it when one of their own is taken out without permission, as he walks away the Russians pull up and load Perry in the van. Dan gets into Maze’s car, she didn’t think he had it in him. Charlotte finds Amenadiel at her house and he says she’s right, and that she’s nothing like their father and tells her that 35 years ago his father asked him to bless a couple to help them have a baby. That miracle child, he says is Chloe and she was placed intentionally in Lucifer’s path, and Amenadiel was merely a pawn. Lucifer trying to make up for standing Chloe up brings her dinner, wine and fries and as they lean in closer Lucifer smiles when he realises they are about to kiss. Charlotte says to Amenadiel that Chloe is the answer to getting his wings back, and she’s how they will get everything back. Charlotte says  “We’re going home, son, and Chloe is the key


Well, that was bombshell i wasn’t expecting, but we are going to have to wait until January now to find out what’s going on and if Luci and Chloe finally kiss.

Lucifer will return to FOX in January 2017.

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  1. NOOOOOO!!!!! I can’t wait till January! That is SO unfair!


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