Planet Coaster, to me a callback to Roller Coaster Tycoon

Planet Coaster came out yesterday in fact, and I was able to play it early. This game is excellently made and is along the lines of the old Roller Coaster Tycoon Games. This game to me is far more robust as there is so much to do.

The game begins with you making your own avatar who will represent you and all you do in the game. You can dress them and design them and make them your own. You are then told to place a base on the planet to show where you are from. It is really cool seeing people play it and seeing where they are actually from.

There are a myriad of game modes to play and I think they really would have hours of play time. You can jump into the Campaign which is lead by different characters. The first is a pirate and he will guide you through the beginning processes of playing the game. There are even three different ranks to play through that get harder as you move on.

The game also of course being a sandbox game offers you the chance to make whatever theme park you could want with unlimited cash in hand.With six different locales to build your dream park I’m sure you could certainly play for as long as you wanted.

There is also a fantastic community which obviously is just beginning. You can build coasters and share them online so anyone can use these rides in their own parks. I think that is definitely one of the great things about games like this, people can really come together playing them.

Planet Coaster really seems to be the next big thing in themepark creation games and I am excited to delve deeper into creating my own parks. With such a robust set of creation tools and challenges this looks to be a game to come back to even if it is in short spurts. Planet Coaster is out now on PC from Steam and if you enjoyed Roller Coaster Tycoon you will certainly enjoy this wonderful game.


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