Steven Universe S4 E8 ‘Gem Harvest’

Stevn arrives at the barn to spend the night. He walks through a corn field and finds them having a nice time. They both think corn are like crystal gems. Steven licks a pumpkin seed since he has special powers.

Peridot is surprised by a pumpkin dog that Steven grew. Steven tells them he did it. They are both down about it and Steven tries to help.

Suddenly the owner of the barn flies in angry by what they have done to the barn. They call Greg who brings the Gems along.

Andy turns out to be Stevens uncle. They all decide to have a big meal so Andy will see the Gems as family.

They gather food for the meal and use Andy’s propeller as a way to cook the food.

Andy is finally broken by the Gems trying to celebrate all of a human’s life events.

They have dinner outside and it is quite nice. Andy runs away because he hates change. Steven tells him that he wants to be his family because he has never learned what it means to be human.

Andy saves Steven when he falls off the his plane and comes back with him.


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