You’re the Worst S3 1 Hr Finale ‘You knew it was a snake/No longer just us’

It’s here the season finale of You’re the Worst and after the last episode I’m curious what will happen. Jimmy wakes up Gretchen reading his work to her to prove he will be successful. Jimmy won’t take back the fact that he won’t have kids with Gretchen because of her track record with Iphones. Lindsay suddenly wakes up with out clothes on after dumping Paul.

Edgar and Dorothy are not having the best time since Edgar ditched her to write sketches. Edgar is offended that she thinks he was only hired because he is Latino.

Paul suddenly comes in upset with Lindsay who had an abortion without consulting him. She takes him down a notch by repeating My Body My Choice, and he is dumbfounded when she goes outside to smoke without clothes on.

Dorothy is trying to talk Edgar into thinking that she isn’t a little racist towards Hispanics. Edgar tells Dorothy that he thinks she has the advantage being a woman. But none of this offends more than Jimmy and Paul saying they have more trouble then them.

Paul and Lindsay fight and Paul even tells Gretchen to shut up. It is interesting how anger can change someone.

Jimmy and Gretchen talk about how they have no idea how they got here. Jimmy offends her and she storms off.

Edgar and Dorothy continue their fight with Edgar  saying he thinks Dorothy only likes him when he struggles. Paul and Lindsay fight about their lives and how they both have different ideas about things. Gretchen yells at Jimmy for breaking down her hypothetical idea. Dorothy tells Edgar that she is at her lowest and she needs him. Paul freaks out and calls Lindsay his bad luck. Jimmy and Gretchen halt their fight when they hear Lindsay and Paul fighting.

Lindsay calms Paul by telling him he knew what Lindsay was when he met her. How could someone not know what their spouse is, he certainly did. The fights stop when the couples get a text saying that Vernon and Becca had a baby. But suddenly Jimmy and Gretchen’s fight starts over and they argue about who is more broken. Jimmy and Gretchen let it all out and they both realize how broken they both are.

Jimmy questions Gretchen about why she didn’t leave and she asks why he didn’t. Jimmy argues that most relationships end in failure and that they are a success because they tried.He tells her that she has been the one fueling his writing and he reads his story to her.

Dorothy gives up the ghost and tells Edgar that she is insecure because he is successful. Edgar is given a job working in a writers room for 3 months and he lies to Dorothy to spare her feelings. This certainly won’t cause trouble for him later right?

Paul and Lindsay reconcile a little and Paul realizes they just aren’t meant to be. Paul tells her that she “Better lawyer up bitch” when she asks for him to rip up the Pre-nup as he heads out. Gretchen breaks a ninth Iphone as Jimmy falls asleep on her.

The last episode of the season begins with Gretchen and Jimmy at a bar, Jimmy reading the end of his novel to her. Jimmy identifies himself as Post-Family and is then disgusted when Gretchen is excited about a near by murder. Which is a legitimate thought as murder shouldn’t excite people…

Edgar makes Lindsay breakfast sushi and talks about how  he is troubled about telling her about his own good fortune. Jimmy and Gretchen are disgusted by a photo of Becca’s baby sent to their phones. They see cops outside and disguise themselves so they can toss out anything that might get them in trouble.

Paul begins his divorce with Lindsay and offers her 2000 a month so he can watch Lindsay burn. Edgar goes to see his boss and tell him he can’t do the show because his girlfriend is so down. He decides not to quit and heads off with a new bit to film.

Gretchen and Jimmy are walking through the park annoyed with more pictures of Becca’s baby. Jimmy and Gretchen talk about their future babies and look at children not realizing how awful they are being.

Paul writes Lindsay a check and she takes a picture of a check thinking it will be deposited instantly. Lindsay throws it back in his face by saying how stupid he is for letting her cuckold him.Vernon isn’t going to leave with Paul as he loves his baby and soon the trio send him off.

Gretchen takes Jimmy to find her therapist and they find out she has been telling her friends about her. Her therapist is leaving for Iowa to be there for her boyfriend but does tell she is proud of her. A nice end to a solid arc that helped Gretchen.

Edgar goes to tell Dorothy about his job and that he is ready to support her as a full person.Dorothy has come to the conclusion she won’t make it and is moving back to Florida. Edgar of course loves her and wants to leave with her.

Lindsay asks Becca if she can move in with them and is accepted if she nannies the baby. Becca then goes off and shows how sad she is that she will have to raise this baby with an idiot like Vernon.

Edgar takes Lindsay to Dorothy’s old apartment so she can take on the lease. Lindsay and Edgar talk and it is a rather beautiful scene because they both feel good about life. For the first time Lindsay is going to try to be an adult and that is a great thing.

Jimmy and Gretchen are walking to find the murder site and Jimmy smiles at how excited Gretchen is. They both agree that they both hate everyone but the other. Suddenly praising Gretchen for her going to therapy Jimmy proposes to her. He planned the whole thing about the murder so he could propose to her. She says yes so happy that he made a murder for her.

Gretchen and Jimmy decide to sleep together outside when she calls them a family. Jimmy goes to get a hoodie from the car and drives off freaking out about what she said. The screen splits and both of them look sad knowing that something awful has occurred after a great moment.

This season finale was absolutely brilliant and freed our characters from relationships. Hopefully though Jimmy and Gretchen fix things and stay together because they are this shows life blood. I cannot wait for Season 4 to see what becomes of all of these characters.






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