Arrow SN5 E8 – Invasion!

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Star City vigilante, the Green Arrow, as he joins the best team up ever to battle aliens. This week’s killer DC crossover features ArrowThe Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Today’s episode is Episode 8 of Season 5, titled Invasion! It also happens to be the hundredth episode of Arrow, so congrats to them!

Following what happened on The Flash this week, Oliver runs through the gardens of Queen Manor, heading inside. He’s met by Laurel Lance inside his bathroom, whom he’s engaged to, and downstairs both his parents are alive.
Sara shows up to support her sister as one of the bridesmaids, as does Thea. Oliver goes for a walk with his father downtown when someone suddenly waves a gun in their face, demanding their watches. When Oliver refuses, the Green Arrow swoops in to save the day, then takes off without a word. Back at the mansion, Oliver feels something is wrong with the reality he’s living in, especially since he’s getting visions  of another life.
He follows his intuition, heading to the police station to talk to Detective Lance about his leads on the Green Arrow. Noticing a map on the wall, Ollie heads to the Arrow cave not quite realizing what it is. Once the elevator opens, Felicity calls out for help because of the intruder and the Green Arrow appears, knocking Oliver out.
Oliver confronts the Green Arrow when he wakes up, calling him John Diggle. John gets scared, unsure how Oliver knows so much about him he kicks Oliver out of the Arrow Cave. Back in reality, it’s revealed that Oliver, Thea, John, Ray and Sara are being held unconscious inside pods aboard a Dominator spaceship.

Meanwhile in the Arrow Cave, Felicity brings Cisco in to vibe a piece of alien tech. Cisco vibes that they’re being held unconscious inside stasis-like pods, technology all around the room.

They try to hack into the Dominators’ mainframe using a piece of alien technology that Cisco took from the alien ship wreckage. The alien tech proves too high powered for the human tech they’re using, so the team needs to recover a device stolen by Cyberwoman in order to run the alien tech.

The Flash, Supergirl and Wild Dog head out on a mission to a warehouse, where Wild Dog encounters her first. Using her tech implants she shoots energy blasts at Wild Dog, who is saved by the Flash. Together the Flash and Supergirl take her out.

Back in the Arrow cave, Felicity locates their coordinates, realizing they’re in a spaceship above earth since the coordinates are inverted. Oliver sees more flashes of his former life, as do Sara, Thea, John and Ray. The five of them soon realize that they’re inside a shared hallucination, created by the aliens.

The way out is the Smoak building they’ve noticed feels wrong to all of them, but their escape is blocked by safeguards set up by the alien. They’re blocked by Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and his mercenaries. Thea takes on Malcolm, Oliver battles Deathstroke and Laurel fights Darhk, while John and Ray take on the mercenaries.

Finally defeated, the five begin to head out but are stopped by Laurel calling out to Oliver and Sara. They say their goodbyes, leaving Laruel standing in her wedding dress in tears. At the Smoak building they head through a portal and awaken inside the Dominators’ ship. They fight their way to a shuttle using an alien weapon, escape into space and are rescued by the Waverider,whom Felicty had relayed their coordinates to.

Ray concludes that the Dominators were gathering information from their minds because the metas would be immune against the Dominators. The hallucination was merely a distraction to help the Dominators complete a weapon. Gideon informs the team that the Dominator mothership is heading towards Earth.

Jessica is Skatronixxx’s episode recapper for Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters. Her current guilty pleasure is Rise of the Tomb Raider and she’s hella excited for Rogue One. Follow her on Twitter @SohoDoll


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