Gotham S3 E11 Mad City: Beware the Green Eyed Monster

Alice Tech’s blood is on lockdown in a lab. Mario finds the man who is working with it and kills him imagining him to be Jim. 

Bullock comes into to stop Gordon from working on the case but Gordon won’t have it. 

Barbara comes in to see Nygma and he is waiting for who killed Isabella to show themselves. Babsy gets Nygma to realize that Oswald loves him and killed Isabella. This scene is just a fantastic example of Gotham’s greatness.

Bruce is headed to take down the Court of Owls. Of course he’s going in with Cat to take down the Court.

Jim goes to the lab where the murdered man works. Mario immediately throws him through a wall. He really is just a sick pup now that the Tech Virus has taken hold.

Gordon wakes up with the cops and soon heads off to Arkham. He meets the Mad Hatter demanding what he knows about this infected man. The hatter is such a good villain, a fantastic addition to this developing world.

Through rhyme Gordon gets the Hatter to spill the identity. He gets Mario Arrested to get him tested.

Cat heads off to steal from the Court and Alfred tells her Bruce has already given so much for her. Alfred and Bruce head off after her because they were planning on doing the crime anyway. At the court Talon the assassin is killing the remnants of the Whisper Gang.

Riddler resigns from Penguin’s office and is rebuffed. He has set up a plan to find out if Penguin really did the crime. Penguin really has messed things up for himself and he doesn’t even know it.

Gordon and Mario have another encounter and he brings in the one and only Victor Zsaz when Gordon draws his gun.

Mario has Zsaz lock him down so he can get closer to marry Lee. Gordon knocks him out and gets out of there. 

Riddler is at another event for Penguin and he imagines killing him. I am glad that there friendship is started to unwind. 

Gordon goes to see Lee to stop her marrying Mario. She won’t have any of it because Gordon has fallen into Mario’s trap. Gordon tells her he loves her and that he did come eventually after prison. That is the final nail and she has Carmine send hin out of the church.

This next scene is rather haunting in a way. Lee getting married as Gordon loses to the guards. It’s as if their wedding is beating him both physically and mentally. 

Bruce and Alfred are scoping out the Court. Alfred won’t do it but Selina comes in and the plan commences. A man watches from afar, I’m curious who this character is.

Bullock looks for Jim as he tossed out of a Falcone car. Alfred distracts the guards as Bruce and Cat break in. Joining them they split off to dodge a laser trap. Their love is something that really is beautiful as it gives Bruce strength. 

Talon pushes Bruce knocking Cat off into the trap. Bruce saves her and Alfred tussles with Talon. The masked man knocks out Talon who Alfred kills. The man is actually Selina’s mother which shocks her.

Lee and Mario have snuck away and Gordon is saddened. Nygma goes to join Babsy so he can destroy Penguin. Babsy reveals her endgame, she wants control of the Gotham underworld. She has him apologize for lobbing off Tabitha’s hand.

Mario and Lee headed to Falcon’s safe house. Lee and Mario are happy it seems. Gordon goes to tell Falcone that Mario is infected. Jim goes to bring Mario in as he is about to kill Lee. Gordon shoots quickly and ends Mario.


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