Once Upon a Time SN6 E9 – Changelings


This episode has been a long time coming.  I mean, really.  We’ve been waiting for Rumple to show us some Dark One Backbone.  I was getting a tiny bit tired of his whining and the occasional make-out sessions with the Evil Queen.  I wanted to see the Rumple from Seasons 1 – 3.  And, finally, they gave him to us!

With this episode we learned a few things … Rumple still has the magic to age people, that dried squid ink will immobilize The Dark One (and other magical beings) …. oh, AND that Rumple’s mother is The Black Fairy!

Rumple wanted to use the magic dust on Belle to speed up her pregnancy so that he could use the shears on his son.  What do you mean ‘what shears’?  The Shears of Destiny, shears!  The ones that Aladdin gave to Emma.  Okay, now that everyone is all caught up… moving on.  He wanted to change his son’s destiny, so that he wouldn’t hate Rumple (his dear old dad… or is that Dearie Old Dad?)  When he managed to get Captain Swan temporarily out of the picture and went after Belle, she managed to talk him out of using the dust.  But, by backing down, he ticked off the Evil Queen (I think I just wanna call her EQ from now on… it has a nice ring to it).  EQ realized that her revenge meant nothing to Rumple … I can’t believe she was surprised by that.  Anyway, so Granny offers Belle a cup of tea at the diner, and boom!  Belle’s belly blows up like a big balloon and baby Morpheus (or whatever they’re going to call him) was on his way.

I, for one, was not surprised to learn that Rumple didn’t spike the tea…. EQ did.

Now, let’s talk about what else was going on in this episode.  Rumple sent the EQ to kill Zelena, because you know, she went against him and helped Belle.  EQ was gonna do it too, but Regina showed up and saved the day.  When Zelena realized that Regina was still blaming her for the loss of Robin (aren’t we all?), she asked why Regina saved her.  I loved Regina’s answer … “Because that’s what heroes do, Zelena”.

And, oh yeah, Aladdin put on the Genie bracelets so that Jasmine could wish to find Agrabah.  We all saw the movie, right?  We ALL know this can’t end well, right?  Okay, just checking…. moving on.

The next episode is the Winter Finale!  I’m soooooo ready, are you?


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