Scream Queens SN02 EP06 – ‘Blood Drive’




The episode began with Nurse Hoffel (Kirstie Alley) explaining how she ended up at the C.U.R.E Institute, where she reveals why she hates the Chanel’s so much. It turns out her sister was Ms. Bean, you know back in season one when Chanel accidently burnt her face off.

However, it was not the only reveal of the episode, as near the end the Green Meanie is unmasked! When Nurse Hoffel walks in on the Green Meanie attempting to murder one of the Chanel’s (No.9 I think), she persuades them to reveal themselves and The Green Meanie is none other than the 80’s hospital baby, Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner). Not all that surprising, but he explains he hasn’t committed all the murders and that there is another Green Meanie running around. What are the chances of the same hospital being filled with multiple serial killers’? And we can also add another one to the mix as Nurse Hoffel offered to help Dr. Cascade, as long as she gets the Chanel’s all to herself.

 Other things to note from this episode:

  • One of the highlights was that Hester (Lea Michelle) finally got more screen time this episode. She was tasked by Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) to cure a patient of his ‘vampirism’ or she would lock her back up. Hester tries an extreme aversion therapy, making the patient drink so much blood that he would no longer be able to stomach it, and of course it worked. It’s also worth noting Hester didn’t kill anyone this episode, but I doubt that will last long.
  • Munsch overcome with jealousy attempted to break Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Dr. Holt (John Stamos) up by falsifying blood test that proved she had every STD known to man, but her plans are exposed and Holt and Chanel remain together.

Questions we still need answered; Who is the other Green Meanie? How long will Hester last without a kill? Will Zayday be able to find a cure for Dean Munsch? Will Nurse Hoffel get her revenge on Chanel? Will Holt be able to keep has hand in check? And who will be the next to die at the hands of one of the three Green Meanies?

Comment and let us know what you thought of this episode. Do you think you know who the other Green Meanie is?

Check out clip for next weeks episode below:


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