Daredevil Ep. 22 “Seven Minutes in Heaven” Review


How does Daredevil follow up a great action light episode? With a great action-heavy episode.

This episode begins with an okay scene about Matt and Foggy confronting each other about the dissolution of their friendship and law firm. With the direction this season has been going, I was concerned this tone would carry out through the rest of the episode. Luckily, it was only this scene – which is a tolerable dose of the melodrama. Plus it is a good examination of how Murdock views his dual life. There is also a B-plot about Karen investigating the Castle case further. This is okay but nothing special – it is good that this stuff is used so the viewer is not too overwelmed by action, but onto the good stuff.

Murdock spends most of the episode as Daredevil. There is some suspence as he interrogates his way through the Hand by way of accountants. Without going too far off the rails, Daredevil shows his intensity in intimidating villains. This episode features some pretty intense and brutal fight scenes. Fights are fast-paced and well-edited – including a rematch from the fighter who pushed Daredevil to his limits in season 1’s “Speak of the Devil.” Even after everything he has learned, Daredevil still gets tested in this battle.

Roughly half the episode is spent with the Punisher meeting Kingpin in prison. It should be no surprise that a meeting between two of the best things in the series is a highlight. Just the opening scenes of these two meeting and talking carries so much intensity with the strong personalities both men have. Even in the grey bar motel, Fisk has amassed some power. However, there is someone who’s managed to be higher on the food chain and he had a hand in murdering Castle’s family. Fisk pulls some strings and a deal is made.

The scenes where Castle confronts this man are pretty good with Castle showing just how menacing he can be with just a knife. There’s a pretty brutal fight where Castle fends off three inmates by himself. Following this is a scene where a wounded Punisher confronts Fisk. Fisk still manhandles Castle – wounded Castle may be, but we still see how brutal and unapologetic Fisk can be.

The episode ends with a chilling double cliffhanger as Daredevil learns his former assailant is not only not dead but claims death doesn’t exist for him. Secondly, the Punisher – thanks to Fisk – is escaping jail among a riot squad. Overall this is a great episode with exciting action and enough drama and story to keep the overall story arc going.


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