This Week’s Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Band is Pacific Skyline!

Welcome to the latest edition of Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday! This week we have another treat for you in the shape of a band, with a unique fusion of genres, this week featured band is Pacific Skyline!
Pacific Skyline is made up of members, Chris Cardone (Vocals), Joey Miller (Drums), Calvin Bridges (Bass) and Drew Ferguson (Guitar), as I said above these guys have a really unique sound and fusion of Electronica and Metal, I know right you wouldn’t this that those two genres would work together, but Pacific Skyline have made electronica and metal mesh together seamlessly and fan’s of both genres will love and appreciate this marriage made in heaven.  Pacific Skyline hail from Ocean Springs, Mississippi and released their EP ‘Out Of This World’ in July of this year. I don’t normally get into metal, but Pacific Skyline have managed to get my attention, not only is the sound like nothing I have ever heard before, it’s mixed flawlessly and the arrangement of instruments are just as flawless, Chris’s vocals are perfect metal vocals but he also has a really great tone and grit when he is not doing metal vocals.
The boys are hugely talented and I believe they deserve a spot in your playlist, to accomplish the fusion of two genres that let’s face it, really shouldn’t work together is a major feat and they have been able to do it so seamlessly, so I take my hat off to you boys! Remember the name Pacific Skyline, they are definitely ones to watch.
The boys were kind enough to take some time out and answers the Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday Q&A check it below.

Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday’s Q&A

Presh: If there was one person you could play your music too, who would it be and what?
Pacific Skyline: well there isn’t just one person we would want to play for unless only one person came to our show, we would love to play for everyone on earth and because having our music connect with people is one of the best feelings in the world
Presh: Is there a story or inspiration behind the band’s name? 
PS: well we were on a road trip across the country and didn’t have a band name at the time but we had music ready to go and just couldn’t think of anything to save our lives until we came upon California and saw the beautiful skyline and said, “what about Pacific Skyline?
Presh: For our readers who have not heard you music yet, describe your sound in five words.
PS: Mix of Edm and Metal
Presh: The fusion of genre you have are really unique, how did your sound come about?
PS: We started off as a straight EDM boy band back in 2009 then started adding guitar and real drums into the music
Presh: You Released your EP “Out Of This World” in July, it a prequel to an upcoming album? And what’s next for Pacific Skyline?
PS: It’s not really a prequel to an album but we do have some more ground-breaking music and a music video on the way in late December/early 2017

Huge shout out to the boys for being great sports, check them out for yourself and buy their EP “Out Of This World” you wont be disappointed! Find the links below, and be sure to head to their Twitter and Facebook pages and give them some love and tell them Presh sent you.


Pacific Skyline EP “Out Of This World”

Pacific Skyline Facebook Page

Pacific Skyline Twitter Account

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