Doctor Who: Are The Sea Devils Returning?


If there’s one thing the 2005 revival of Doctor Who has done well, it’s modernising monsters from the show’s past for a 21st century audience. And it looks like the Doctor Who team are about to do it again, if recent rumours regarding the return of the Sea Devils are true.

According to The Sun, the show’s production crew visited Iain McKellar of the shop Just Seaweed, located in Rothesay, the Isle of Bute. Iain McKellar told the newspaper “I was amazed to receive the first order. Then I got a panicky call the next day from them saying, ‘Can we have some more and can we get it ASAP as we’re filming tomorrow,”.

The second Doctor was menaced by an evil Seaweed creature in 1968’s Fury From The Deep, however it seems incredibly unlikely that Steven Moffat is planning to bring back the seaweed creature anytime soon. Seaweed was also used by the Sea Devils to cover their rock base in 1984’s Warriors of the Deep.

The Sea Devils first appeared in the iconic Jon Pertwee serial The Sea Devils and given that they are the aquatic cousins of the Silurians (who have already been reintroduced to modern audiences), it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see them return – especially when they have already made an appearance in Titan Comics‘ Twelfth Doctor series.


Personally, I hope if the Sea Devils do return it is in a form similar to their comic design. The Titan Comics Sea Devil is a very faithful redesign in my opinion; they are instantly recognisable as Sea Devils but at the same time display more of a modern aesthetic.

Doctor Who returns to our screens with a Christmas Special (The Return of Doctor Mysterio) on Christmas Day. Series 10 will then follow in April.

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