Doctor Who: The Ordeal; William Hartnell years


Welcome Back!

When we last left our friends, they were trudging through the dangerous Swamp, when one of the Sows finds himself about to be sucked in to a whirlpool….




Ian and the other Sows rush over to the screams, only to find the whirlpool, and no Sow. “What is it, what’s happened to Edian?” Asks another concerned Sow. Ian picks up a clipboard from the ground, “There is nothing we can do.” He replies, with a look of sadness on his face. The others look on at the whirlpool. Ian and Barbara go back to camp.

“Did Edian fall in?’ Asked the one Sow. “What happened?” “He must have fallen in very quickly.” Responded a different Sow. “Come on now, we must reach the cliffs by tonight.” He assures the first Sow. They both stand and go back to camp.


Back in a different part of the swamp, the Doctor, Susan, female Sow and Aladon are hovering by a rock, creating a plan to get into the village where the Daleks dwell. “We have speed on our side,” announces Susan, as they discuss how to disarm the cameras throughout the city. “I wish we knew what they have planned for us.” States Aladon, worried.


Back in the city. “The report for the neutrobomb is repaired.” States the first Dalek, as he rolls to the second. “Let us hear it.” States the second. “Report of neutrobomb to cover 500 square miles. Time to construct: 23 days.” Announces the computer “Is that the quickest way?” Asks the second Dalek. “Yes” confirms the computer. “Very well, is to long. We must abandon the idea of a neutron bomb. We must find another way of spreading radiation.” States the first Dalek.


The cave is dark, Barbara and a Genetis are wondering through it, trying to find a way to the city. Barbara slips on a rock, the cave ground is uneven. They continue forward until they reach a dead end. “Well lets go back and try one of the other ways.” State Genitis. “No wait, listen.” Starts Barbara. They are quiet for a moment. “It sounds like, water!” she continues. They follow the sound of the water, only to find a small passageway in the wall. They figure the opening way won’t be easy to get through. Genitis decides to be the one to venture in first. Tying a rope around his waist so Barbara can hold onto the other end. Genitis finds a drop about 30 ft down, He continues on. Back at the beginning of the hole, Barbara braises the rope for the Genitis but as she tries to hold his weight, the rope slips out of her grasp, causing her to fall back and Genitis to fall down the hole. Ian hears the cries from Barbara and rushes to the sounds. “What happened, where is Genitis.” Ian demands concerned. “I couldn’t hold on to him, it slipped out of my fingers.” She states worried for her friend. They both rush to the whole, Ian calls down, “Genitis are you ok?” “Yes I am alright.” Genitis responds, a little shaken. The other Sows rush in to the cave where Barbara and Ian are. “What happened? Where is Genitis?’ Asks a worried Sow. Barbara explains to the others what had happened. “We are sending another rope down to you.” Ian calls down to Genitis. “It would be better if you came down to,” Starts Genitis, “there are several caves down here, we may have a better chance of getting through.” He continues. Ian decides this is a good idea and calls down to the Sow that he will be joining shortly.


Back in the city, “The reader is recording movement from the Sow people.” starts the one Dalek, “Is there images?” Asks the second Dalek “No reception is bad.” Explains the first. They figure that the Sows are attacking the instruments and are on high alert at this point.


The Sows are on a hill, reflecting light from the sun, off shiny metal objects, and into the sight of the scope that the Daleks use to spy on the people. “Looks like my plan has worked!” State the Doctor proudly. “But its risky.” States Susan. The Doctor knows the risks but continues with the plan regardless. Aladon shows the Doctor the map and the way they are to enter the city. The Doctor confirms the plan and Susan and Aladon continue on with their part of the quest. “Yes, we’ll show them a thing or two.” States the Doctor with a sly smile on his face.


Back in the cave, Ian, Genitis and the others are walking through one of the cave openings. They path is rocky. One of the Sows halts and asks for Genitis. “I want to go back.” He states. “Why?” Asks Genitis. The other Sow explains his worries. He is afraid that if they continue on then they may get stuck in the cave, or the fact that they don’t stand a chance against the Daleks (wow he is a whiner) “We will continue on together.” States Genitis. “Why do you make me do these things?” Asks the scared Sow. “They are going to die anyway, we can go back and tell the others that the Daleks killed them.” “Oh what are you talking about, we must go back.” Demands Genitis. “I am not going back” Declines the Sow. There is a struggle between the two men; they wrestle to the ground when Genitis head buts the younger scared Sow. (That’s what you get for being a wuss) “Are you ok?” Asks a concerned Genitis to the fallen Sow. Suddenly some rocks fall from the cave walls. Genitis calls out for help. Ian rushes over and helps the Sows out of the way just before the rest of the rocks fall. The cave opening is now blocked. “What happened?” Asked Ian concerned. “One of the rocks fell and his him in the head, almost hit me too.” Lied Genitis. The others look back at the fallen rocks, realizing there is nowhere else to go but further into the cave if they wish to find a way out.


Back in the city. “Emergency, emergency! Reaction of the vibrascopes!” The Daleks have figured out what the heroes are doing to the scopes. They devise a plan to track the heroes by their vibrations and take them by surprise.



Susan runs up to a panel on a stonewall. She looks around, then calls out to the Doctor. “Is this what you want?” “Yes this must be the power that leads to the city.” The Doctor states and begins to smash the control box; they figure they need to find a way to cut the wires that are left. “We need to go tell the others to stop flashing the antennas, for all we know the Daleks may have figured it out by now and are on their way to kill them.’ Starts the Doctor. ‘But I can’t leave you all here.” States a worried Aladon. The Doctor reassures their friend that they will be all right, but there is no time to waist and he must return back to the others on the hill. “Very well, but don’t waist time here. I will come back for you.” Assures Aladon. “Yes, yes, yes. Now go on.” Rushes the Doctor. Aladon runs off. “Now I will tell you what we can do. We will short-circuit it. Do you have the key to the ship?” the Doctor asks Susan. She hands the key over to the Doctor who then intertwines the metal key among the wires to corrupt the signal. “There that will teach the Daleks, and make it our best.” The Doctor confirms triumphantly, Susan giggles. “But what about this one?” Susan points to another circuit just above the box. “Of course!” The Doctor replies, then lifting his cane, smashes the plates on the box. He then shoves a rod in the panel, shorting out the signals. Susan is now worried that they have created too much noise. “We need to leave now.” She states worried. “But child don’t you see what I have done?” Just as the Doctor is about to explain further, they realize that they have some unwelcome company. The Daleks have found them.


Back in the cave, Barbara almost falls but is caught by Genitis. “This is not the place for a quiet stroll is it?” Ian jokes. They figure to rest for a moment and find a way out. Genitis and Ian stop at the edge of a cliff. Using a flashlight, they look out to see what path is the best for their journey. After some planning Ian figures that they will need to jump off the cliff to venture forth. Though the jump may be a little dangerous, it’s the only way they have. Genitis goes back to the others and tells them of the plan to jump off the cliff. Ian ties the rope round his waist, deciding to be the first one to make the jump. He runs back, then charges forward, and with a mighty leap, bounds out to the other side of the cave. He makes it safely. “Alright, Genitis, you make the way next.” Genitis throws another rope to Ian, and ties the other half to his waist. He then makes a run and leaps to the side with Ian. The two now carefully scale the wall, trying to make their way through. Genitis wonders around the side and finds a tunnel that they can all get through. Ian then calls for the others to join them.


Back in the city, Susan and the Doctor are prisoners again of the Daleks. “You have destroyed are intruments.” Accuses the first Dalek, “And you in-turn killed the Sows in an ambush during the trade.” Responds the Doctor. “And you will be responsible for more deaths unless you help these people.” Continues the Doctor angrily. “The only interest we have in the sows is total extermination.” Informs the Dalek. “What do you mean?’ Asks Susan. “Tomorrow all the sows will be bombarded from radiation by our nuclear reactors.” States the Dalek. Susan looks at the doctor with fear in her eyes. “That’s shear murder.” State the Doctor. “No, extermination.” Confirms the Dalek. The Doctor tries to reason with the Daleks, but is shut down. The Daleks inform the Heroes that they need the radiation to survive, and tomorrow is judgment day.


Back in the cave, Barbara is the next to leap off the cliff. She makes it safely to Ian. She then continues around the bend of the cave but is going about it the wrong way. Ian helps her through guiding her slowly so she does not fall. Barbara is having a hard time but makes it in. The next Sow then makes his way across, leaving the scared Sow from earlier to be the last to cross. After the other Sow makes it across and onward safely. Ian throws the rope to the last Sow. The Sow is too afraid to cross, but Ian continues to guide him. The Sow is scared, but reluctantly obeys the commands of Ian. The Sow moves back from the edge, then rushes forward and jumps…and does not make it, but instead falls down the cave, “Help me! Help me! I can’t hold on! I can’t hold on!” Cries the fallen Sow. Ian is at the top, struggling to grasp the wall.



The next episode: The Rescue.   ^_^                                                                      beautyplus_20160925102305_fast





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