The Expanse: Talking Season 2 with the Cast

Hey, all! The February premiere of Season 2 of The Expanse is not as far away as it seems! Don’t forget, Netflix (outside the U.S.) and Amazon Prime have picked up the series so you’ll be able to marathon Season 1 now.

Talking Season 2

One of the best things about the above interview is hearing the talk about how much fun the actors are having filming the series. Watching the video you can see how comfortable they are with each other. I’m sure this will come across onscreen and help keep the show successful for many years to come.

They’re also really excited about the outpouring of love and enthusiasm from the fans.

As Dominique Tipper, who stars as Naomi Nagata says, fans can expect the main characters to get “a bit more….layered.” That’s good news to me as I love shows that include those little details and back stories that make it seem as if I’m really watching a character’s life and not a TV series.

Already a huge discussion has risen about whether the TV series is going to follow the book series closely. The actors themselves say they started reading the books, only to stop so that they wouldn’t know their character’s fates before it came up in the show.

That’s another aspect I’m looking forward to. I haven’t started reading the series yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, The Expanse hangs around long enough to get to a similar point as Game of Thrones where the writers move past events in the book series enter uncharted territory.

Don’t forget, Season 2 premieres February 8th, 2017 at 10/9c on SyFy.



Deven B. lives in Houston, TX. He enjoys watching TV, eating, and planning all the cool things he’s going to do… as soon as he’s done watching TV.



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