Vampire Diaries SN8 E6 – Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell


Okay, so ever since I started writing the reviews for this show, I’ve talked about Bonnie Badass.  All of you know that my first rule of this show is to never piss off Bonnie… well, rule number 2 would be not to mess with Caroline.  I was never a fan of Elena’s, and mostly because her two friends were such strong, badass women that I wondered how they could be friends with a whiny princess that couldn’t manage to save herself.  Elena always needed Stefan, Damon or whoever to save her or fix things.  Bonnie and Caroline are both self-saving princesses… and Lord help you if they mess up their nails while decapitating you.  If it wasn’t for these two strong women, I wouldn’t have watched past the first few episodes, because Ian Somerhalder’s pretty wouldn’t have kept my interest much longer than that.

So, for the first 5 episodes of this season, everyone has been trying to save Damon.  Bonnie’s been trying to save Enzo (and really hasn’t given two craps for Damon).  Sybil has had control of Damon, making him do some pretty evil stuff.  Stefan, Caroline, Matt, etc have been pretty forgiving of everything he’s done (except the killing of Tyler), but when Seline took the twins last week, I was sure that Caroline was going to blow a fuse.

She did NOT disappoint.

She went all Sally Fields- Not Without My Daughter – badass.  She even gave Stefan back his ring.  And, just so you non-Southerners know, that’s a big ol’ HELL NO (so big in fact that Hell in that particular phrase has TWO syllables).  All of this forced Stefan to do something stupid.  So very stupid that I’m not even going to dignify it by talking about it here… you’ll have to go watch the episode.  The good news is that he got the twins back, despite his major case of the stupids.

Since Stefan was so incredibly stupid, you know what this means, right?  Yep.  Caroline is gonna have to save him too.  Geez Louise, I hope she doesn’t mess up her nails doing the saving… because I like Stefan’s hero hair just like it it.

Oh yeah… I’m also beginning to doubt that Sybil was the “good sister” like she told Stefan.  Seline really isn’t looking all that bad.  And, is anyone else wondering who’s gonna get traded to Cade for Stefan?

Next week is the mid-season finale and it looks like Caroline’s Happy Meal is missing a toy.  (But I can already tell you the best line of next week’s episode just from this promo…. poison eggnog anyone?)


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