Once Upon a Time SN6 E10 – Wish You Were Here


I’m still silently squee’ing over this episode.  I was so over the moon happy to see Robin (Sean Maguire) again!  I admit, I was wondering how they were going to bring him back, even for a short visit… and this was way better than a ghost or dream sequence.

Okay, now that I’ve talked about Robin, let me move on to the rest of the episode.  We all know that EQ got the magic lamp… and since we’ve all seen the movie (you HAVE seen the movie, right?), we all know that nothing good ever comes from a villain having control of a genie (three words for you … Jafar, hourglass, Jasmine).  EQ wished for Emma’s wish to have not ever been The Savior to come true.  So, Emma gets transported to The Enchanted Forest where her parents have banished The Evil Queen and everyone is living happily ever after.  Henry is even about to be knighted!  Oh wait … Emma’s having “dreams” of Storybrooke and finds The Sword under her bed.

Clever Regina realizes that if she and EQ are basically the same person than she’s also the master of the lamp and makes a wish that takes her to Emma … bad idea though since in Emma’s (and everyone else in the Enchanted Forest) eyes, Regina is The Evil Queen.  However, Regina through much hard work makes Emma realize that this is not their real world and with a magic bean from the not real Rumple they are about to go back to Storybrooke …. enter Robin who is robbing them.  Awesome, right?

Now, I’d just like to interject here that I did not like this version of Emma.  She was in no way herself.  She might not have been The Savior in this world, but she wasn’t even Emma either.  She was a whiny ‘please don’t kill my parents, here’s the key to the kingdom’ kind of woman… and it just made me sad.  I like Emma as a self saving princess.

David managed to trick the EQ and get the lamp back.  But, instead of wishing for Emma to come back, or to break the curse that he and Snow are under, he wishes for EQ to get all that she deserves.  Spoiler alert …. she did.  David then gives the lamp to Jasmine and she wishes to go to Agrabah.  And, Aladdin makes it so. (sorry, mixed my fandoms there for a second).  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Jaladdin.

But only after a mysterious stranger comes through a portal at Granny’s.  Did I say mysterious stranger?  They didn’t keep us in suspense long …. it’s Rumple and Belle’s son all grown up!

Oh wait… I skipped some steps there.  So, they find Blue and she’s in bad shape.  She fought as hard as she could but the Black Fairy took little Rumelle.  Or is he Morpheus?  Is that his name?  I’m so confused.

The show is now on Winter hiatus and will return on March 5th on ABC.


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