Stan Against Evil: S1 Ep4 “Life Orr Death”

Alright, alright, alright. It’s time to recap and review the popular IFC TV series, Stan Against Evil.

Season 1 Episode 3 “Let Your Love Groan” Recap

Episode 3 saw Stan (John C. McGinley) and Sheriff Evie Barret (Janet Varney) fall in and out of love, each with their own kind of succubus. We also saw Denise (Deborah Baker Jr.) contemplate doing the nasty with a pig…Yes! A pig.

The demons (and Denise) get weirder every episode.

…And Now Episode 4

Willards Mill 1693

We open as a crowd is tying a young woman to a stake. Her name is Abigail Goodwin. She’s accused of “consorting with the Devil.”

As they light the pyre, she’s magically transported to another world of snow, ice, and demons.


Present Day

Stan’s clearing out his wife’s room. He’s decided to put everything in the attic. Denise warns him that he may need to get to the stuff because of the curse. Stan jinxes himself by telling her, “No…I will not.”

We ALL know that’s not going to be the case.

Stan explains why he’s moving his stuff into the room and about his love of legendary hockey great, Bobby Orr. He tells of how Orr never wore a helmet because he never believed anything bad could/would happen to him.

Stan’s adopting the same philosophy about the curse.

He’ll be replacing his wife’s “witch” stuff with all of his hockey memorabilia. The centerpiece will be a stick he caught when Orr tossed it into the crowd after a game.

Alas… Denise high-sticks Stan’s plan by telling him that his wife donated everything to the church to be auctioned just before she passed away.


Stan rushes to the church to find a new pastor he’s not familiar with. Of course, the new pastor won’t give Stan his memorabilia back.


We finally catch up with Sheriff Barret who’s having to deal with Deputy Drinkwater (Nate Mooney) wanting to leave early for the day. Just before Drinkwater leaves, he fields a call about Stan possibly assaulting a priest, then does a weird dance out of the building…

Barret arrives at the church to find Stan tearing the priest a new one. Stan tells Barret about the Bobby Orr hockey stick and is shocked when Barret asks, “Who’s Bobby Orr?” In her defense, I’m pretty sure my decision to link to Bobby Orr’s Wikipedia page was the right decision because I doubt any of your know who Orr is, either.

Barret takes control of the situation and sends Stan home, assuring him that she’ll get the stick back for him.

She heads to the basement to look for it. While there she finds a trove of religious art. Funny observation… is it me or do you sometimes find Christian and Catholic art a little…spooky in some instances?

As she searches around the eery basement, the new priest surprises her and begins chanting in a weird language we can only assume is the language of the Devil or Latin…or possibly Dothraki.

Barret’s immediately transported to the spirit world where we saw Abigail Goodwin end up in.

Next morning, no one can find Barret.

Meanwhile, Barret is running around like crazy trying to escape the evil demons chasing her through the spirit world when she comes face to face with Abigail Goodwin.

A pissed off Stan makes Denise go to the church to distract the priest while he goes to find his prized hockey stick. He tells her to quote, “Take a big guilt dump,” on the priest while keeping him busy in the confessional.

Back and Forth Between Worlds

We’re gonna jump back and forth between the spirit world where Barret is trapped and the real world here, so try to keep up…

Abigail Goodwin is explaining everything to Barret. Turns out they’re trapped in limbo between the living and dead. I think it kinda looks like The Upside Down from Stranger Things.

Abigail explains the only way out is to confront The Master (the head demon) before he can bind one of his demons to Barret’s soul, trapping her there forever.

In the church, Denise is deep into what we can only imagine is an insane confession about something she might have actually really done. But Stan can finally sneak into the basement.

Abigail continues telling Barret how to escape. Someone has to pierce the priest (who we now know is named Father Donovan) with a “wooden rod.” Looks like Bobby Orr’s stick is going to see some action.

Stan finally finds the stick in the basement. He also finds the dead body of the real priest, Father Mike, just before he’s knocked out by Father Donovan. As Donovan is uttering the incantation to send Stan to the other world, he’s interrupted by Denise.

Stan and the Demon Priest Donovan in a face off and Donovan’s not fcuking around. He begins to kick Stan’s arse.


At the Sheriff’s office, Drinkwater is telling the story of his mistaken sexual harassment adventure when he’s interrupted by Stan calling and telling him to get to the church.

In Limbo, the demons find Barret and Abigail Goodwin. They’re tied to a stake as The Master arrives.

Demon Donovan is knocking Stan around and uttering the spell. It’s looking bleak for everyone when Drinkwater get’s to the basement…and is immediately scared shitless.

Luckily, the portal between worlds must have been opened by Demon Donovan’s spell so Stan can hear Abigail’s instructions about piercing Demon Donovan in the heart with a wooden staff. So it’s hockey stick to the rescue!


Cue exploding demon…and Bobby Orr’s stick.

Barret makes it back to the real world safely to find Stan on the floor crying over his prized Bobby Orr stick.

In the end, he doesn’t get to clean out his wife’s room after all. But he does put the last piece of the stick on display while there.

As we fade out, we get a glimpse of the Demon’s to come.


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