Arrow SN5 E9 – What We Leave Behind

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Star City vigilante, the Green Arrow, as he tries to save his city . Today’s episode is Episode 9 of Season 5, titled What We Leave Behind.

Evelyn, aka Artemis, meets Prometheus at his lair to relay further information about Team Arrow. She gives him pictures to join the ones already on the wall —Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Thea, Rory, Curtis, Rene and Quentin who is already crossed off.

Thea hosts a Christmas party, upholding the Queen’s legacy of killer Christmas parties. Oliver attends along with Susan Williams, Curtis and his husband, and Felicity and Billy. Just when Curtis and his husband leave the building, Prometheus attacks them outside. Curtis ends up injected with a tuberculosis drug developed by the deceased Justin Claybourne. In flashbacks we see Oliver killing Claybourne along with his employees, after discovering he was responsible for creating the tuberculosis epidemic then raising the price of the drug to gain more profit.

Felicity manages to track down Prometheus’ location so the team heads over. Oliver gets trapped with Prometheus and fights him, while the rest of the team scrambles to get to them. Rene and Artemis manage to reach the fighting pair, but Artemis shoots the gun out of Rene’s hand, revealing her true loyalty. Artemis escapes with Prometheus leaving the team reeling from her betrayal.

Billy, behind Felicity’s back, investigates a lead on Prometheus on his own. In a dimly lit office he discovers a picture of a baby, he quickly texts a shot of it to Felicity just before he is captured. Felicity tries her best to find out about the baby using facial recognition, uncovering information that the baby is Claybourne’s illegitimate son. Prometheus is seeking revenge for Oliver killing his father.

Oliver realizes, while accompanied by Speedy, that Prometheus is now probably at Claybourne’s building. He goes alone to confront Prometheus, hoping to end it once and for all. When he enters, Oliver finds the building staged with police officer bodies to resemble how he killed Claybourne and all his employees. He finally sees Prometheus, standing where Oliver killed his father.

The two fight, falling over the side of the building, ending up on the floor one story below. Prometheus disappears in the room which he’s filled with mirrors, but taunts Oliver as he moves around looking for him. He sees Prometheus’ body outline and shoots through the mirror killing him. Approaching the mobile body he realizes that the man dressed as Prometheus was staged as well, a weapon taped to his hand, unable to speak out. Oliver pulls off the man’s mask, revealing Billy. Dead.

Oliver confesses to Felicity, back in the Arrow cave, what happened to Billy. She doesn’t blame Oliver, knowing it was Prometheus who tricked him. The team leaves for the night. Felicity goes home to mourn Billy, Curtis’ husband leaves him because he knows Curtis won’t quit being a vigilante, and Oliver goes to Susan’s house to talk. Returning to the Arrow cave later, Oliver sees someone standing still, looking over their suits on the wall. She turns around to face Oliver. Laurel Lance is alive.


Jessica is Skatronixxx’s episode recapper for Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters. She’s super excited to watch Star Wars: Rogue One next week. Follow her on Twitter @SohoDoll.


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