Supernatural S12 E8 – LOTUS


Not gonna lie.  I said some choice words (that my boss won’t let me use here) at the end of this episode.  It’s soooo not looking good for the home team, and they really left us hanging.  But, that’s why they call it a cliffhanger, I guess.

Let me go back to “Now”… it all started for me with a text from DJ that was the equivalent of him chanting “Let it begin!” over and over like some sort of mantra.  Not that I’m being all judgey because that’s sort of what I was doing, but my mantra was slightly different.  I should tell you here that I didn’t start The Show 15 minutes late like normal so that I could fast forward through the commercials.  So, DJ and I had a running commentary in texts this week… and oh what fun it was.  We made jokes about the whole ‘the President is the Devil’ sitch… we thought the similarities to the current situation were uncanny.  I mean this episode had to have been shot before the election, but it’s like they KNEW!

I said, “The Trump/Devil comparison is just a little too close to home”.  DJ’s response was, “But he’s not blonde… or orange.”  “True,” I pointed out, “nor does he have a massive comb over.”  And that’s when Lucifer said, “Or, we could just go ahead and nuke ’em” and we both erupted into a fit of laughter because that jab was AWESOME!  The only thing that would’ve made it better would’ve been if LOTUS had tweeted that.

We were totally questioning if the President’s affair de jour was named Rosemary, before we learned her name was Kelly.  But, Kelly Schmelly, I’ll be calling her Rosemary from now on.  We were totally still calling her Rosemary and cracking jokes (via texts) when Dean stole our bit and called her Rosemary. … loved that bt-dubbs.

The line of the episode award goes to Crowley, though.  Sam says (and I’m paraphrasing), “Can we get the details without all the drama?”  And Crowley says, “Can I get you without the flannel?  No, but I endure.”  However, the line of the text message conversation award goes to DJ who broke out into song … singing Foreigner’s Hot Blooded, when Kelly put her hand on the bible and set it on fire.

We did have some questions about the de-Lucifer-fying of POTUS though.  Why didn’t the Egg of Destiny (that’s DJ’s joke) not zap Castiel … or Crowley for that matter.  Now, I said maybe it was because Castiel is technically not possessing a vessel since Jimmy isn’t still in there, but of course that wouldn’t have kept it from affecting Crowley.  So, we decided that it must have been the incantation that Sam said before the others entered the room.. that must have been to make it only affect LOTUS.  But, we’d love to have an actual answer to that, ya know if any of the muckity mucks from The Show actually read my reviews.

The interchange between Sam and Dean over the grenade launcher was superb!

I laughed long and hard over Rowena, covered in her newest ex-fiance’s blood and guts telling Crowley, “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.”  I just love the look on Ruthie Connell’s face in that scene… perfection.  I also loved that Crowley took Rowena with him when he poofed out.  I’m really enjoying seeing a little affection between them instead of outright hatred.

Now, I know this was the mid-season finale and all, and I enjoyed the scenes for the new episode coming up in January, BUT… I think it would’ve been so great if Castiel’s line would’ve been “Six weeks, six days, and twenty-two hours” when talking about how long The Boys had been missing.  Why?  Because that’s how long the wait will be from the end of this episode until the next.  Instead he’s short by four days and twelve hours.  Not that I’m counting or anything.  Shut up.

Here’s that sneak peek at the new episode on January 26th…


Terri is Skatronixxx’s staff reviewer for Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, MacGyver, and The Originals. She loves to geek but hates to adult. T speaks her mind and has no filter, except the one her boss enforces.  For filter free T follow her at @B2daItch on twitter.


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