The Walking Dead SN7 EP07-‘Sing Me A Song’

Various plans were set in motion as we learnt even more about Negan’s sadistic ways.


As we head into the midseason finale next week, it was clear this episode would have a lot to do to get the story moving. As great as this half season has been, it’s mostly been about showing how powerless the group is right now. It has been interesting to watch, given it’s a position the characters on this show have never really been in before, but at the same time, the story has somewhat stalled. There’s only so many times Negan and the Saviours can emotionally destroy the group before it wears thin, so it was great to see this week’s episode move things along. After so many episodes checking in on only a couple different group members at a time, it was also great that this week’s episode touched bases with multiple people, however, even with the episode’s extended runtime, some stories felt underserved. Namely Rick and Aaron’s supply run and Michonne’s morbid road trip. Nevertheless, these will likely get their due next week.

The star of this week’s episode was undoubtedly Carl. It’s been a while since he really had a big episode focused on him, probably not since Season 4 Episode 9. It’s a shame too, given what the characters like in the comics. Actor Chandler Riggs has responsibilities such as school outside the show, which means Carl isn’t quite as developed in the TV show, so this episode went a long way to remedying that. It’s amazing actually how closely this season has stuck to the comics, with entire scenes this episode being ripped straight from the comics. There’s enough different about the show that it doesn’t feel too predictable for comic readers, but at the same time, it’s thrilling to see favourite moments from the book come to life onscreen. A lot of how great this was, is down to how brilliant Jeffrey Dean Morgan is as Negan.

After a short break, Negan was back in full force this week, and away from the odd face ironing, we got a better idea of just how charming and frankly hilarious the character can be. His relationship with Carl is probably one of the most intriguing elements of the character, but seeing him at The Sanctuary just going about his daily business gave a great insight into what makes the character tick. After forcing Carl to show him his eye, it was revealed that somewhere underneath all that leather and bravado Negan does have something of a heart. This was a scene that worked better in the comic simply because Carl was much younger, but it still had a significant effect during the episode, helpfully showing Negan’s not all bad. It’s something we needed. The show has spent a lot of time this season focused on Negan, but he’s mostly come across as a one-note villain. Just some sadistic psychopath who enjoys killing him. Having him then apologise to Carl for upsetting him, and later to Olivia for doing the same, shows the character has layers, and that will make him even more interesting going forward.

Away from Carl and Negan, this episode had some smaller but equally good moments for various other characters. The interactions between Rosita and Eugene were a particular highlight. Abraham saved their lives, and Glenn put his faith in both of them, so both see a need to honour them, just in different ways. Whilst Eugene refusing to make a bullet may make it seem like he’s reverted to his cowardly ways, he’s actually just trying to spare Rosita and the others from the inevitable fallout of Rosita’s actions. He knows that even if she were to kill Negan it wouldn’t end things, and she might not be the one to pay the price. It was courageous for Eugene to stand up to her, and while he’s not at the point of full on defiance, it shows how far the character has come. At the same time, Rosita spoke a lot of truth about Eugene, but she’s yet to realise just how far the guy has come. The relationship between Abraham and Eugene was touching up until the very end, but he was the glue holding their trio together. Without Abraham, both Rosita and Eugene are hurting, but I’ve no doubt something will happen between the two to finally bring them back together.

Of corse with so many characters being covered now there’s plenty to see, so other notable highlights include:

  • Spencer continued his reign as Dick Supreme this episode, but Father Gabriel of all people called him out on it. Watching Gabriel call Spencer a “tremendous shit” was one of the most satisfying moments on this show ever. It was also a great reminder that Gabriel was once in Spencer’s position, only I doubt Spencer will have quite the redemption arc that Gabriel got. Also, Gabriel is awesome. Just had to say that. So awesome.

  • Also in the realm of awesome characters? Olivia. After spending most of her time since she was introduced in the background, it’s great to see her receive some of the spotlight. I’ve always said the Alexandrians need a lot more development, and what better way to show how awesome a character is than to have her slap Negan round the face. Of course, this only made him 50% more into her, but he’s a creepy guy. Go Olivia!

  • Daryl looks set to escape, but the question is who’s helping him? He seemed to notice Jesus was breaking into the Sanctuary, but could Dwight or Sherry be the accomplice? Whatever happens, we know he can’t really go back to Alexandria. If he does escape that’s the first place Negan will look, so is Daryl due a trip to the Hilltop? Or even more exciting, will he be reunited with Carol and Morgan at the Kingdom?

  • Well done to Greg Nicotero and crew this episode. Carl’s eye looked brilliant, and the Iron scene was just brutal. I thought for a moment that they wouldn’t show it, which seemed crazy given what they did to Glenn and Abraham, but show it they did, and it was all kinds of nasty.

  • Negan talking to Judith in a baby voice whilst simultaneously threatening to kill her and Carl was both disturbing and brilliant at the same time. This guy is a really fun character to have onscreen.

So the penultimate episode of the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 started to move the plot forward in various meaningful ways. Various plans to go against Negan in the Saviours are now in full swing, the only question is with everyone working individually, are their plans doomed to fail? And if so, who will pay the price? The episode added some much-needed layers to Negan’s character, as well as giving Carl a chance to shine. It’s still unclear how quickly the show is headed towards any kind of confrontation between Negan and the group. As I mentioned, most characters are working individually or within small groups, so we’ll have to see everyone unite together before the action begins. Until then, expect much craziness in next week’s midseason finale.

Joe is gearing up for the mid-season finale by stocking up on tissues and getting his therapist on call. To see how he reacts be sure to follow him @resonantrevs over on Twitter.


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