Adventure Time S7 Finale Preboot/Reboot

Finn and Jake are with Susan Strong exploring human ruins.A Narwhal ship bashes through the floor, Tiffany Jake’s old friend walks out with a bionic arm. Susan is able to get through all locked gates.

They meet a strange Doctor who sings a song reminiscent of  the Willy Wonka song. Susan is not so impressed by these experiments. How could she be, they are rather terrible in their creation especially since some weird suited person crafted them.

The Doctor removes her suit to reveal she is human. If the heroes work for her they will get mechanical mods like hers. She has paralyzed them with candy to check them out. She brings up the Island which will be shown off in a new miniseries.

Susan saves them and the doctor sics her mutants on them. Tiffany saves Finn and Jake and sacrifices his standing with the doctor. Tiffany is a character that in his own weird way has grown up and that is a good thing.

Finn is riding a one of the doctor’s creatures a wind-powered eel. Susan tries to save Finn but is electrocuted. Jake save the day and Bubblegum talks to him. They find that she is a cyborg and that her target is Finn.

Susan captures Finn and leads the banana guards on a chase. She takes them down as Bubblegum saves Finn. Susan chases them to the Candy Kingdom and  has her guardians zap Susan.

Susan grows from the beams and now looks old. Rattleballs pops out and is swiftly beaten.

We see Sparkle the baby  from an old episode all grown up. Nice little call back indeed as usual for this amazing show. Jake charges in to save Finn but Finn doesn’t want any damage to befall Susan.

Finn takes Susan on by wearing the Jake Suit. Another great call back as Finn hasn’t used this suit since he dealt with the Goblins. She pins Jake down with an anchor and Finn is forced out. He charges with Finn sword in hand and breaks the chip in her head. She is freed from the evil of the chip and is confused how any of this happened.

The grass sword which is made to protect Finn goes haywire and soon seperates from Finn. The poor amputee is angry especially when the grass sword fuses with the Finn Sword as it is still Finn. The Grass Sword takes on a human shape form and even wields the grass sword. Things are going to be crazy when Season 8 finally premieres.


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