Bob’s Burgers S7E6 ‘The Quirkdancers’

Its time for the annual Thanksgiving episode. Bob’s love of Thanksgiving is a great part of the series. Tina tells about her troubles in school and her new story inspired by it. Of course Tina’s story really isn’t clean as this girl has rather nasty thoughts.

The Belcher kids are troubled by seeing a terrible play at school. They decide to turn Tina’s Thanksgiving story into a play as it will be so offensive. They talk their guidance counselor into letting them put on their play.

The Belcher kids put up auditions to find the worst. Tina is going to be the lead and Louise assures her they won’t get far in anyway.

Linda finds a strange potato that looks like her grandfather and it disturbs Bob. I mean it makes sense as Linda often goes off the rails with her ideas.

The kids work to put on the worst show do they can get a half day.They plan to fill the Turkey heads with Gizzards and giblets and sending them over the stage. Tina finds out but when everyone is excited for a real half day Tina concedes and they set the plan into motion. Bob brings the potato for Linda and they watch the play.

The play does decently as Louise sets the plan into motion. The Giblets and Gizzards fly out over everyone. It’s far more horrific then Louise would have imagined. How could it not be, when everyone in the room is covered in turkey guts?

Tina sings a song and ends up saving the day. Louise and Gene realize they aren’t getting a half day. Well they really got what they deserved for covering the room in guts. Of course their punishment would to clean it up, though I think they were okay with it.

They sing the numbers from the play but they actually do it right. I really enjoy that the credits are accompanied by the song from the episode its a signature Bob’s Burgers thing. This episode was a solid Thanksgiving episode with a good part for Tina to play. She certainly said some inspiring things that make her character that much more real in my eyes.


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