Family Guy S15 E 7 ‘High School English’

Peter is locked in a library after crashing into a rich guys house. So he ends up reading classics to us all. I do enjoy when they adapt famous stories as they often do it in a way that highlights how vicious these stories are.

First up we start with the Great Gatsby starring Stewie as Nick Caraway. He travels over to Gatsby’s house played by Brian. Stewie of course pokes holes in the story. There are many points in the story that don’t make so much sense but clearly this is still a classic.

Daisy played by Lois is lead by Gatsby to his mansion. They all continue to poke holes in the story. I really enjoy this story so seeing a humorous take on it is great in my book.

Peter evades the cops and begins telling Huckleberry Finn. Peter is Huckleberry Finn and Chris is Tom Sawyer. Stewie is the Dad and Lois is the Widow Douglas.

Tom kills off Brian who is a pig and runs from his Dad. Of course Jim is played by Cleveland. They travel and evade their foes before going to see a Rush concert because Rush penned a song about Tom Sawyer.

Peter has guns pointed at him as Of Mice and Men begins. Stewie and Chris are George and Lenny. They go to ask for work and meet Slim played by Peter. Quagmire plays Curly and Meg plays his wife. Of course Meg plays the character that is brutally killed.

Crushing his hand Curly vows revenge at Lenny. Lenny kills off Curly wife as George sings at a gay bar. He heads down to the river to kill Lenny a really solid adaption of this novel even if it was more humorous. Stewie wishes luck on all kids doing book reports. I sincerely hope no child was doing a book report with the help of Family Guy.


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