Gotham S3 E10 Time Bomb

Lee and Mario are having dinner at the place that will be their rehearsal dinner space. They talk about Barnes and that there is a cure for the disease in the works. As they head outside and their car is pulled around it explodes. I wonder who is out to kill these two?

Jim promises Falcone he will find the man who did this and is given a day. Of course Jim is prideful and thinks he can do this.

Penguin is having a meeting of the five families asking for more protection money. Babsy comes in guns blazing looking for Tabitha and Butch. He scares her off and tells her of she does anything like this again her brains will be cleaned up by his cleaning lady.

Riddler has Tabitha and Butch trapped because he thinks Butch killed Isabella. He really doesn’t know because Penguin did it but he is electrocuted by Riddler all the same. I really enjoy the changes Butch is going through in this show, gaining and losing power all the time.

They have found that the time bomb was super powerful because an explosive expert named Fuse probably set it. The true target is of course Mario whose death would hurt Falcone worst.

Bruce and Cat are eating breakfast and looking at the key they found.Bruce is really troubled by the key and Cat not saying they were a couple. Ivy uses pheromones to get Alfred to tell her how to turn off the alarms. Enjoying Ivy’s decent into her true evil self.

Gordon has a talk with Mario and heads out to find the man responsible. Babsy goes to find information from Penguin’s cleaning lady.She finds out Penguin’s feelings for the Riddler.

Nygma wants to break Butch’s heart before he kills him so he will cut off her hand. Selina uses a common mixture to clean the key.The court of owls symbol is seen on the key. Soon they didn’t Ivy has been kidnapped, by the man she stole from.

The trio head to find Ivy. Bruce finds the man works against the court because they betrayed them. The man turns out to lead the Whisper Gang. Bruce wants to team up to find the safe the key unlocks.

Gordon talks to Falcons thinking Mario is mixed up in something. Mario has headed off to finish the job. Mario shows his true colors when the men come to attack him.

Babsy finds where Nygma has taken her friends. Nygma is jazzed to cut off Tabitha’s hand. Nygma offers a deal, of Tabitha will let her hand get cut off then he will free them both. Tabitha let’s her hand get cut off as Nygma realizes Butch didn’t kill Isabella. When Nygma finds Penguin killed Isabella I’m sure he’s going to descend even deeper into madness.

Babsy comes in and finds Nygma who leaves quickly. Mario tells Lee about what is happening. Falcone takes things into his own hands when he cuts a tooth from the man’s mouth.

Gordon vows to find who did it, not knowing it is the Court of Owls. The Whisper Gang is killed in a spectacular fashion facing Talon.

Babsy takes Tabitha in to stitch her hand back on. Babsy knows who offed Isabella, the only other who loves Nygma.

Falcone talks to the vicious white haired woman in the Court of Owls who has interacted with Bruce and Penguin. He is sent away with his tail between his legs. A sad event for such a strong character, I can’t wait until the Court is brought down.

Lee goes to Gordon and makes him tell what he has to. She kisses him and says goodbye one last time. Mario sees her walking out of Gordon’s house. He is infected with Alice Tech’s blood!

I really thought this was a solid episode because it showed the true power of the Court and finally seems to have tied up the Lee and Jim arc. Curious what Mario could do in the future that is for sure, we shall see.


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