Jimmy Fallon got to play the Switch and now I’m even more excited!


The Nintendo Switch has been shown a few times now but not in all its glory. We have also only seen pre-rendered images of the games.

On Wednesday Jimmy Fallon had Reggie File, Bill Trinen, and Shigeru Miyamoto on. They talked about Super Mario Run and revealed a trailer for that. Miyamoto even played the Mario Theme with the Roots.

But the biggest part of the night was what was hiding under a yellow Mario block. Reggie lofted it up and there it was the Switch! He played a little Breath of the Wild and then let Jimmy have a turn.

The pure joy that showed on Jimmy’s face was beyond exciting. Clearly he was dying to play this and why wouldn’t he be? I cannot wait to experience the unbridled joy of playing the Nintendo Switch for the first time.

Breath of the Wild looks amazing and when it comes out it will surely be a hit. I cannot wait for its release and seeing this whole bit on Fallon my hype levels are even higher. Good thing we get to learn more about the Switch on January 12th!


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