Marvel Avengers Academy has become a Winter Wonderland and is bringing in the A-Force!

Marvel Avengers Academy has been playable for about a year. They have had many different events in their run but this is the first time that the whole game has been changed. It is always interesting seeing how games evolve.

In this new update winter has come to the academy. But it isn’t all fun and games, the vicious Malkeith is here to cause trouble.

Odin is troubled by the thought of Malkeith and the Frost Giants being left to their own devices so he brings in his daughter. His daughter just happens to be Female Thor and Loki is unsure of it all.

Joining Lady Thor are She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Lady Loki, Singularity, Angela,and America Chavez. With Iron Man in a blacksmith outfit making fantasy armor for a few of these characters the Frost Giants don’t stand a chance!

There are of course tons of other goodies to make your Academy the way you want to make it. It really looks like they are going to have a pretty decent story for this event and that is always exciting.

This event will run for about a month so go and play it! Malkeith needs to be stopped and only the students of Avengers Academy can do it!


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